Taken Over

Faye Grace Kallas hates the way things are now. Ever since World War 3 happened the Robos have taken over. Most people are stuck with them having to do what they say. Few people haven't been captured. One of the few is my brother, William David Kallas and I. My brother is 14 and I'm 17. I have always been careful not to get caught anywhere. I can't get caught. I have to keep my brother safe. But what happens when I got caught? I can tell you one thing. I sure as hell am fighting back.


1. Chapter 1 Getting Caught

Chapter 1

Faye's POV

The snow was blowing in my face. I could barely see. I was holding onto my brother, William's hand. We had to stick together. The only thing I could hear was the wind blowing. "When can we take a break?" William asked. He had to yell in my ear just so I could hear him. I leaned towards his ear and yelled,"In a little bit. The sun's getting ready to go down. We need to find somewhere to stay for the night."

 We kept on walking forward. I tripped and fell forward. I screamed. Will fell on me and screamed too. Will rolled off of me and looked behind us. I sat up and looked at what I might have tripped over. It looked like an entrance to a cave. I pointed at it and Will nodded. We got up slowly and made sure we didn't drop anything.

 We walked towards it and went in. I could barely see anything, it was so dark. I grabbed my backpack and picked up my flashlight. I turned it on. It looked just like a normal cave. It wasn't exactly warm, but the wind wasn't blowing in my face. I looked over at Will and saw him a little farther down the cave, sitting on the ground. I rolled my eyes. "Really?"

 Will smiled and said,"Yeah, I'm hungry and my feet hurt." Will got a granola bar out and scarfed it down. I rolled my eyes and went and sat by him.

 I ate a granola bar too and looked around the cave some more. There was some charcoal on the ground farther down the cave. I frowned. The charcoal looked a couple of hours old. "Will? I think we need to find somewhere else to stay." I said quietly.

"Why?" Will asked. I tilted my head towards the charcoal and Will saw it. He looked back at me and slowly got up. I followed his lead and we slowly walked towards the opening of the cave. We just walked out the door when I heard a small rock drop in the cave.

 I looked at Will. "Run."

We both started to run through the snow. All of a sudden I ran into a rock wall. Well not really, but it felt like a rock well. 2 arms grabbed me. I looked up and saw a Robo. (Robos are half human, half robot.) "Shit!" The Robo smirked. I looked over him and saw Will being held by another Robo. "Will, are you alright?" I asked worriedly. Will nodded.

"He won't be for long." The Robo holding me said. I glared up at him.

Robo #1 (The one holding Faye) pulled a cellphone out of his pocket and pressed a button. He put it up to his ear and listened for a second." Guess what? I found some slaves." My hands balled up into fists. I started to shake.


It was one year ago that my mom and dad were killed by Robo's. It was a normal day, just like any other day. It was our family dinner and game night. We were eating dinner. All of a sudden we heard knocking on the door. My dad looked determined and mom looked scared. "Kids go hide and don't come out." Mom said.

"Momma, what's going on? Why do we need to hide?"

"Just hide. We love you both so very much. Always remember that. Now hide and don't come out." Dad said.

Mom pulled us up and pushed us towards the stairs. The knocking was getting louder. Will and I ran up the stairs. I went towards the attic and grabbed Will's hand. The door smashed open downstairs. I opened the attic door and we both ran in. I closed the door and we went behind some boxes. Will was crying and I was trying to calm him down. "Will, we have to be very quiet, ok?" Will nodded and controlled his crying. I held onto him tightly and listened to try and figure out what was going on downstairs.

Crash! It sound like a vase was thrown at the wall. Will jumped and I tightened my hold on him. Tears were running down my face silently. I heard mom and dad screaming. All of a sudden the screaming stopped and I heard loud footsteps leave the house. I stayed there for about 5 minutes. I sat Will by me and started to get up. Will grabbed my arm. "It's alright, Bubba. I'm gonna make sure there gone. I'll be right back."


"I promise!"

I quietly walked downstairs. I was scared out of my mind. What if they were still here? They might go look for Will if they saw me. What if mom and dad were.... No! I can't think that. WIll needs me. I got to the kitchen door and opened it slowly. I expected to see some Robo's but what I saw was much worse. I screamed but covered my mouth before Will could hear me. Dad was on a broken table covered in blood. Mom was on the floor with pieces of clothing torn off and blood on her too. I started to sob and fell to the floor.

I heard a sigh. I jumped and looked around. "Faye...."

"Momma?" I whispered. Mom coughed. I moved quickly to mom. "Momma? It's alright. I'm right here." Mom was breathing really fast.

 "Promise me you will keep Will safe. And you stay safe."

"I'll do whatever I can to keep Will safe. I promise."

 Mom smiled. "Get out of here. Run to the neighbors."

"What about you?" Mom smiled.

"It's too late to save me baby. Get Will out of here. Run and stay safe." I sobbed and hugged my momma.

"Now go. I love you!", Mom said quickly. I ran to Will and tole him we need to go.

"Why? Where's mom and dad?"

"I'm sorry bubba. We need to pack up some stuff and get to the neighbors." I grabbed his arm and dragged him to his room. I handed him a bag and we grabbed clothes and put them in the bag together. I grabbed his bag and we went into my room and packed. Everything was a blur from that day. I was packing so fast. I packed my clothes and we ran out the door. 

Flashback Over

Ever since Mom asked me to keep Will safe I have done everything I could. Now they found us and we can't get away. Tears started to blur my vision. 'No, snap out of it Faye. We will get out of this. We're not going down without a fight.' I told myself. I can't show weakness. I heard a snowmobile come towards us. I looked over and 5 snowmobiles stopped. Robo #1 dragged me to a snowmobile while the other Robo driving it got off. Robo #1 got on and pulled me with him. I looked by me and saw Will with Robo #2. Everybody got a snowmobile and drove Will and I to slavery.


Hey everybody. This is my third book. If you like teen fiction and dystopian read my other book The Love Project. If you like paranormal romance read my first book, The Hybrid Girl. I hope you all like it so far. I am very exited for this book. Please vote, comment, and follow me.

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