The Love Project (On Hold)

My society is different. We all want love. But, people just don't believe in true love anymore. So, we have one week every year where all of us try to find love. It's called the Love Project. Everybody takes a quiz and we see if there is anyone that put the same answers as them. Then they all spend a week together to see if they can find love in them. You have to be at least 16 years old to take the quiz. This year I get to take it. Instead of having just one guy that has the same interests as me, there are 2 of then. Lord, help me. Now I have to spend time with the both of them for a week. Will I find love like everyone else? Who will I choose?


1. Prologue

July 27th, 1961

"Alexandra! Alexandra, my love! Where are you?" President Preston yelled, wondering where his love had went. She was supposed to meet him and Mike, an ex bodyguard of his in the courtyard. He was supposed to finally figure out whom she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

"Alex, where are you?" Mike called.

"Stay out of it." Preston all but growled at the mongrel.

"You aren't the only one that cares for her." He argued back becoming more and more angry.

Preston ignored him and ran to her  room. Mike followed him, needing to find the love of his life. Preston opened the door and tried to slam it in Mike's face but Mike stopped it just before it hit him. Mike pushed it open and tried to ignore the urge to punch him. That could wait, right now he needed to find Alex.

When Mike got into the room Preston was reading a piece of paper. "What is that?" Mike asked worried.

"It's a letter from Alexandra. She left."

"What?" Mike yelled and grabbed the paper out of his hand. His eyes scanned over the words.

Dear My Loves,

                  'I'm sorry but I had to leave. I can't choose between either of you. I love you both so much. So, I have left for a new life where I will be a widow. Please don't fight about this. It was my decision. Please remember that I love you both. Goodbye.'

                                                                                                              Love Alexandra

Preston's hands were balled into fists. He walked out of the room. Mike just stood there thinking this couldn't be real. Preston ran to his office pissed off. He punched the wall. Ryan, the new bodyguard came into the room. "Sir, are you alright?"

"No." Preston growled.

"Well, what can I do for you?" Ryan asked worried.

"Get me some paper and pens. I'm making some new laws."

"Sir?" Ryan said shocked.

"Now." Preston slammed his fists on the desk. Ryan jumped and grabbed some paper and pens. Preston went to work writing down his new laws and making sure there weren't any loopholes. Once he was sure they were done he called for Ryan again.

"Yes sir?"

"Take these papers to the Congress." Preston commanded.

"Yes sir." Ryan took the papers and walked out of the room. Little did he know is that it would change the way things are forever.

The New Laws

1. No one can marry without Congress and President permission.

2.The Love Project

The Love Project consists of a quiz in which a U.S. Citizen finds his/her life partner. The person will have 4 months to decide whether or not they want to get married or be alone forever. People can only marry the person that they get partnered with. When a teen becomes the age of 16 that teen will take the quiz at his/her school. The President and Congress will go over it and decide who gets to be with who.


Hey everybody! So what do you think? I know it's a little crazy that someone would do that but he was upset about Alexandra so he made sure that it wouldn't happen to anyone else on a love triangle. Please fav and comment.

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