The Love Project (On Hold)

My society is different. We all want love. But, people just don't believe in true love anymore. So, we have one week every year where all of us try to find love. It's called the Love Project. Everybody takes a quiz and we see if there is anyone that put the same answers as them. Then they all spend a week together to see if they can find love in them. You have to be at least 16 years old to take the quiz. This year I get to take it. Instead of having just one guy that has the same interests as me, there are 2 of then. Lord, help me. Now I have to spend time with the both of them for a week. Will I find love like everyone else? Who will I choose?


3. Chapter 2~The Quiz Part 2

Chapter 2

(It will always be Skylar's POV, unless I say it's in someone else's POV.)

I dropped Mary off at the Elementary School and drove to the high school. Mary made me promise that I would answer everything truthfully on the quiz. I just smiled and told her I promise I will. I got to the school and turned off the ignition. I sighed, grabbed my backpack, and opened my car door. "Skylar!" I heard my best friend, Emma yell.

I turned around and Emma pulled me into a hug. "Hey, Emma."

"Aren't you excited? We have the quiz today." Emma squealed.

I backed up and covered my ears. I scowled "Jeez woman. Are you trying to make me go deaf?" I said loudly.

Emma rolled her eyes and said,"Oh, stop being a drama queen."

I smirked. "Thank you for finally realizing that I am a queen."

Emma snorted. "Yeah, maybe the queen of annoying." I gasped.

"That is so rude. I am the king of annoying."

Emma raised her eyebrows. "Your not a dude."

I rolled my eyes. "Well I'm just that annoying." Emma laughed. I grinned. All of a sudden Emma was staring over my shoulder, eyes filled with love. I raised my eyebrows and turned around. Once I realized who she was staring at I rolled my eyes. She was looking at Rylan Cadwell. She's had a major crush on him since forever.

I looked back at Emma and said,"Really? Why don't you just go talk to him?"

Emma sighed. "Because I'll embarrass myself in front of him. He is so hot!" I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, he's cute. That's why you should talk to him before some other girl does."

Emma glared at me. "Are you trying to tell me that you like him and that you are going to ask him out?"

I huffed. "No! I wouldn't do that to you. I'm just saying he is kind of popular. So that probably means that some girls like him."

Emma sighed and pouted. "Maybe I will get him for the quiz." I raised my eyebrows. "Ok not that possible." Emma mumbled.

"Sorry, Em. I don't mean do be such a downer. There is a chance he likes you too." I said. "No. Your right. It is pretty impossible." Emma smiled cheerfully, but I could tell it was fake. Bbbbrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnggggg!

"Everyone that is 16 to the lunch tables. Time for the quiz." (This came on the intercom)

"Come on let's go!" Emma said while dragging me inside. We got to the lunch tables and saw that some people were already there. We found a spot of 2 seats and sat down. There are computers all over the tables. "Ok everybody. Are you all ready for the quiz?" Principal Kate asked. Everybody cheered while I kind of just sat there.

Emma hit my arm. I made a face and said,"Ow! What was that for?"

Emma pouted. "You didn't cheer."

I looked at her like she was crazy and turned towards my computer. "Everybody, log on to the computers. Go to to get to the quiz. On this quiz everything is multiple choice. Once you are done you may go to your first hour." Everybody logged in. "Good luck with your quizzes! I hope you get matched with your true love!"

I snorted. Emma kicked my leg. "Ow!" I said loudly.

"Ms. Stratton, is there any reason for you to interrupt people who are taking the quiz?" "No, Principal Kate. Sorry."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Emma trying to hold back laughter during my conversation with the principal. When I turned my head I stuck my tongue out at Emma. Emma gave me a rude look and turned to her computer. I rolled my eyes and got onto Socrative. I logged in and looked at the first question.

Q: Describe your perfect date.

A: Having a picnic and then looking up at the stars. (That was the best multiple choice question on this, there was no laser tag or anything like that).

Why couldn't they have better questions?

Q: Describe the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend.

A: Has a sense of humor, very outgoing, and likes me for who I am.

This was so dumb. I stopped paying attention after the second question. I don't see why we need to do this. Sure people are not wanting to get screwed over, and may I add all because of something that happened a while ago. I sighed and got more comfortable in my seat. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw a couple of people get up. How in the world were they already done? I'm only at the sixth question (out of ten).

There was multiple dumb questions that were on basically every quiz ever made to figure out about people. Like favorite food, music, etc.

I sighed in relief when I got done. I got off of Socrative and set the computer off to the side. I looked over and Emma just got done too. We grinned at each other and got up. We both had the same first hour.

We walked out the doors to the other building and Emma squealed. I screamed and covered my ears. "Do you always have to do that? I'm gonna be deaf because of you when I'm older."

She snorted. "Your fine."

I glared at her for a second then we burst out laughing. "What are you guys doing?" We both stopped moving and slowly turned around. It was just a dumb hall monitor.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Heading to class. What does it look like we're doing?"

"Goofing off instead of going to class." He answered.

I scoffed and replied, "We just got done with the quiz. We are heading to our first hour, which we have together."

"Oh ok. Then get to class."

"Yes sir." I said sarcastically.

Emma snickered while I dragged her away trying not to laugh. We finally go to the history building and ran to our class. Once we got there there was only a few students sitting down. Most of this class is juniors but there are a few sophomores and seniors. We sat down right be each other and the teacher raised his eyebrows. We actually don't sit by each other but we wanted to so he would have to deal with it. I smiled innocently and Emma waved.

More people ran into the classroom and after about twenty minutes of sitting around bored the class was full. Let class aka hell begin.


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