The Love Project (On Hold)

My society is different. We all want love. But, people just don't believe in true love anymore. So, we have one week every year where all of us try to find love. It's called the Love Project. Everybody takes a quiz and we see if there is anyone that put the same answers as them. Then they all spend a week together to see if they can find love in them. You have to be at least 16 years old to take the quiz. This year I get to take it. Instead of having just one guy that has the same interests as me, there are 2 of then. Lord, help me. Now I have to spend time with the both of them for a week. Will I find love like everyone else? Who will I choose?


2. Chapter 1~The Quiz Part 1

Chapter 1

'Today is the day,' I thought as I woke up. I got up out of bed and hit my alarm clock. My arms stretched above my and I went to the bathroom. My hand wrapped around the knob to turn the hot water on. I turned it and stepped in after undressing. I sighed and started to relax.

I have to take the quiz today. Everybody thinks it's bogus. I don't get why we have to take it. The grown ups may want us to keep the earth growing, but we don't want to think about that right now. I mean I'm 16, I shouldn't have to be looking for love.

"Skylar! Hurry up! You have the quiz today!" I heard my mom yell.

"I'm hurrying!" I yelled back. I turned the shower off and got out. While wrapping my towel around me I got out quickly and went to my dresser. I found my favorite jeans and went to my closet. My closet was full with shirts. I grabbed a green button up shirt and threw my clothes on my bed. I dried off and changed into my clothes. Once I was done I went into my bathroom and grabbed my blowdryer. I turned it on and began to blow dry my hair. In about 5 minutes I was done. I walked out and looked at my clock.

"Oh, shit!" The clock said 6:40. I needed to hurry up. School starts at 7:05. I ran out with my backpack and saw my little sister, Mary grabbing her backpack too.

I also have an older brother, Link. He is 23. When he did he Love Project 7 years ago he was not happy. But then he met the girl who got paired with him from the quiz. Now he is happily married and works as a construction person. His wifes name is Leslie. They don't have kids yet but they have been trying for about a year. 

I grabbed a pancake off of the table and stuffed it in my mouth. My mom walked into the kitchen with a dissaproving look. I swallowed the pancake and smiled sheepishly.

"Skylar please be good on your first day."

I rolled my eyes. "Aren't I always?" Dad came in and snorted at my response. I smiled sweetly at everybody.

Mary grabbed my head and said,"Come on! Let's go! You are........"

"Let it go, Let it go. Can't hold it back anymore." I sang loudly. My dad groaned and my mom was shaking her head.

Mary glared at me with her hands on her hips. "Now after you so rudely interrupted me. As I was saying. You are going to find your soulmate next week." I rolled my eyes but let her believe that. I couldn't get myself to tell her that I don't believe that. Mary grabbed my arm and dragged me out the front door.


Hey Everybody! This is my second book. If you haven't read my first book, The Hybrid Girl, then read it if you like paranormal romance type books. Also I don't know how often I will be able to update, but I will try to update as much as possible. So, what do you think so far? So just thought I would explain the quiz thing. So everybody that is 16 takes the quiz. It takes Congress a week to get everything figured out. Then they hand it out to everybody that took the quiz saying who they were matched with. Anyways please fav and comment!

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