The Love Project (On Hold)

My society is different. We all want love. But, people just don't believe in true love anymore. So, we have one week every year where all of us try to find love. It's called the Love Project. Everybody takes a quiz and we see if there is anyone that put the same answers as them. Then they all spend a week together to see if they can find love in them. You have to be at least 16 years old to take the quiz. This year I get to take it. Instead of having just one guy that has the same interests as me, there are 2 of then. Lord, help me. Now I have to spend time with the both of them for a week. Will I find love like everyone else? Who will I choose?


4. A/N

Hey, everybody. So I think I'm going to put this story on hold. I don't have any motivation to write this. Hopefylly i will get some inspiration but i don't know how long it will take. Thank you to anybody who has voted or commented. Bye.

Update: I added a Prologue and fixed up the first chapter. Make sure to read it!

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