Just in Time, Every Time

Chloe Styles is 24 years old and so is her best friend Kendall O' Brien who is dating her brother Harry Styles. Chloe went on tour with One Direction when they went on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and met Luke Hemmings and fell in love with him. Now when trouble occurs will he be there to save her `Just in Time, Every Time'?


2. 2

Calum: *walks in the open front door* Hey Guys

Kendall: Oh...Hey Cal I didn't know you were coming

Cal: I texted Chloe and told her I was gonna meet up with you guys

Chloe: Oh...yea he did I forgot to tell you guys...sorry

Kendall: *sarcastically* Oh...well...I guess you can come to the movies with us

Cal: Oh thanks

Belle:*walks into the house*Hey guys! were you gonna go to the movies without me?

Cal:*sees Belle and has his tongue hanging out*

Belle:*sees Calum* Oh...H,Hey

Cal: H,Hey*refocuses* So, Chloe can you introduce me to everyone pleease?

Chloe:Yea sure...well that's Kendall, that's Harry, that's Dylan, that's Luke, and I'm Chloe.

Cal:*laughs* Yea...No kidding

Chloe:Oh...and that's Belle

Cal:Hey guys. I obviously know you and Kendall, I've known you guys forever, Luke and I are in a band together, and our band went on tour with Harry. The only people I didn't know were Dylan and uh, Belle*face gets red* You know, Chloe, you can be such an idiot sometimes!

Luke:Hey don't call my girlfriend an idiot!

Chloe:It's true I kinda am an idiot

Luke:But you're my idiot

Chloe:and you're mine(Awe)

Harry:*gags* okay guys cut it out

Kendall:Harry leave them be

Harry:What? I'm just saying, she's my sister and I don't to see them being all romantic or hear it for that matter

Kendall:Wait she's your sister?

Chloe:Oh yeah i forgot we never told her when you guys started dating...oops

Harry:Guess not

Kendall:Nope not at all

Chloe:Yea that's how I met Luke. I went on tour with Harry and the boys when 5SoS went on tour with them too and that's when I fell in love with Luke! Oops did I say that out loud?

Harry:You did,*looks at Kendall*

Chloe:Oops*blushes embarrassed*

Luke:Awe Chloe don't be embarrassed I fell in love with you then too!






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