Just in Time, Every Time

Chloe Styles is 24 years old and so is her best friend Kendall O' Brien who is dating her brother Harry Styles. Chloe went on tour with One Direction when they went on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and met Luke Hemmings and fell in love with him. Now when trouble occurs will he be there to save her `Just in Time, Every Time'?


1. 1

           Hey I'm Chloe Styles, Harry Styles is my brother, and my best friend is Kendall O' Brien. Kendall is dating my brother and I am dating Luke Hemmings. I have been best friends with Kendall, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood since we were 8 years old and still am. Calum, Ashton, Kendall and I are 24 now and this is our story.We are waiting for Kendall's brother, Dylan who I haven't met, to get home. Except it's just me, Kendall, Luke, and Harry that are here. I have no idea where Calum and Ashton are.


Kendall: Here he comes.

Dylan: *walks into the house* Hey sis what's up? *sees Chloe* Sis who's that?

Kendall: She's my friend. All of these people in your house are my friends.

Chloe: Hi I'm Chloe, this is Luke, and that's Harry, my brother, *whispers* and Kendall's boyfriend.

Dylan: H,Hi Chloe I'm Dylan, Kendall's brother

Chloe: Yea I know Kendall may just talk my ear off about you and I've see your movies. They're pretty good.

Dylan: Oh,*blushes*Cool


Dylan: Oh sorry, your Luke right?

Luke: Yea Chloe's boyfriend

Dylan:*upset* Oh

Kendall: Hey Dyl we are getting ready to go see your new movie do you want to come?

Dylan:*look at Luke*

Luke: *scowls at Dylan*

Dylan: Um...*looks at Chloe


Dylan: Um...Okay

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