The Inevitable Demise Of Elon Musk

A poem warning America of the destruction Elon Musk's Karma will bring.


1. The Inevitable Demise Of Elon Musk


Murdered a marriage, then married a mistress

In only 6 weeks, with young twins and triplets.

Gifted brain, neglected heart

A man ungrown, from size apart.


Workaholic, addict, completely loveless.

Ego fools him, thinks its toughness.

Bullied bully, tables turned

Coward kid that never learned.


Forced addiction on his employees

Then retaliates and bullies when it’s not enjoyed.

American Veterans worn to the wire

By Inexperienced white immigrants, what management hires.


No teaching 5 young boys right from wrong,

After his actions towards their mom.

Spoiled rich brat, character needed

Karma’s a bitch, you better believe it.


Birthday rocket up in flames,

Elon’s actions are to blame.

Oh hooray, this is fun

Elon’s Karma has just begun.


Rainman come, Rainman go

 So many e-cars on the road.

Reusable rockets, the race for the one

Jeff Bezos is nicer, and hes getting it done.



Elon the Engineer, Idiot savant

Ten lawsuits and counting, how many signs does he want.

One track mind, abuses his brain

Willing to walk over anyone for personal gain.


His only charities are for preventing AI’s,

And preserving dead guys.

A deserter of his homeland,

Elon is loyal to no man.


Obsessed addict, heartless boss

Destroys families, feels no loss

Racist bully, absent father

Loving others, Doesn’t bother

Piece of shit, selfish prick

Idiot savant, evil dick.


Our moral compass includes who we support,

Elon Musk Karma, may cut your life short.

Stay far from his rockets, and out of his cars

Karma will keep Elon from Mars.


Not on earth is his head, no love in his heart,

Avoid Elon Musk until the loving starts.

Evil deeds reap evil things.

Beware of the evil, Evil Elon will bring.  


- Kyle Ortiz

Former bullied and harassed SpaceX Employee (17 months)

I was given several months pay in a severance package, with an agreement to not speak about the negative and unethical work environment at SpaceX… Oops.



















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