The Story of Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson is the most iconic ship of all time. But did you ever wonder what really happened. Behind all the secrets, lies and hurt. They didn't have it easy but one things for sure they have the greatest love story of all time. So what really happened when green eyes met blue.


7. The Lodge

Chapter 7

~The Lodge~

Since we only had 4 weeks to get ready for judges houses we had to start practicing together. We also wanted to get to know each other better. I didn't know the other guys nearly as well as I knew Louis, so we all wanted to get to know each other better. Luckily my step father has a lodge which we are gonna be staying in for 4 weeks until judges houses.

As we were driving from London to Holmes Chapel I got the chance to stop and think about everything that had happened. A week ago if you had told me I would be in a band I would never of believed you. But I think it's a good thing. Spending so much time with Louis has made me realise something very important. Sometimes it's better to have someone next you, supporting you. Living the dream with you. That's exactly what One Direction is. As we neared Holmes Chapel I began to get very excited. I'm sure the next weeks to come we're going to be amazing.

When we finally reached the lodge. We all got out the car and ran to the lodge so we could call dibs on the best room. I took the one at the end of the hallway and Louis was next door to me. Zayn and Liam where opposite us and Niall was next door to Louis nearest to the kitchen. The lodge was really warm and cosy. It had a small kitchen and a nice little living room, with sofas and blankets. Outside there was a fire with chairs around it and a pool round the back. By the time we had all unpacked it was time for dinner. We were all too lazy to make anything so we ordered a pizza and sat and ate it round the fire. It was nice to get the chance to know the other boys a big better. We talked about our hopes and dreams. Niall just wanted to be like Justin Bieber, which I found hilarious. Liam and Zayn both wanted the band to me successful but for us to also have normal lives. Then Louis spoke, " I just want to be happy." He said. Happy. That wouldn't be so bad.

That moment was when I really began to admire Louis for the person he is. He is funny and silly and jokes around, but deep down he's strong and passionate. He doesn't care about being rich and famous he just wants happiness and that, is a pretty good quality to have.

A/N: I hope you all had a great Christmas! Sorry I know the chapter is short but I will update again later on today. Thanks for reading!

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