The Story of Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson is the most iconic ship of all time. But did you ever wonder what really happened. Behind all the secrets, lies and hurt. They didn't have it easy but one things for sure they have the greatest love story of all time. So what really happened when green eyes met blue.


10. Sea Urchin

Chapter 10

~Sea Urchin~

Boot Camp Part 2

We all got up early the next day so we could head down to the beach before rehearsing. We all got up and dressed quickly for once and practically sprinted down to the beach. As soon as we got down there Louis and Niall took their tops and shoes off and ran into the sea. Liam looked over to me and said "That was quick." Liam and I began taking our shoes and tops of just as Zayn spoke up, "Guys I can't swim." The poor guy looked genuinely worried. "Don't worry I'll stay and paddle with you." Liam said. Zayn looked a lot happier about going in after that.

I ran into the water in attempt to catch up with Louis and Niall. I slowly creeped up to Louis and shouted down his ear, "HEY BOOBEAR!" Louis jumped and turn round to look at me. "Harry you scared me." He whined. "That was the plan." I said with a smirk.

We all started having a water fight and everything was fine until Louis was walking backwards as I splashed him. "S**t, I think I just stood on a sea urchin!" He said. We supported him as he hopped out the sea and up to were we left the towels. It was a pretty nasty sting. "Oh Lou, how much does it hurt?" I asked. "A lot." He said with tears forming in his eyes. This was the first time I'd ever seen Louis cry. I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear, "You'll be ok Boo." Liam rung one of the X factor supervisors and they said he needed to go to the hospital. My heart sunk. This was all my fault, I had been the one splashing him. "I'll come with you." I announced. "I'm afraid you can't. You need to stay and practice incase Louis can't make it back to perform." The supervisor said. I was not happy about this arrangement but I couldn't do anything about it. So the rest of us said goodbye to Louis and headed up the house to rehearse.


"Harry what is the matter with you?" The vocal coach Dave asked. I couldn't concentrate. All I could think about is Louis, I really hoped he was ok. Plus the song just wasn't working without Louis. We tried it again and it still wasn't working. To make it even worse we still hasn't received news on Louis. It was getting closer and closer to the performance and he still wasn't back. It must be pretty bad if he's still not back. Just when we thought that our dream would be over I saw a small blue eyed boy hobbling over to us. Louis.

A/N: I know this wasn't to interesting but I'll update again tonight. Thanks again for reading!

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