The Story of Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson is the most iconic ship of all time. But did you ever wonder what really happened. Behind all the secrets, lies and hurt. They didn't have it easy but one things for sure they have the greatest love story of all time. So what really happened when green eyes met blue.


13. Friends?

Chapter 13


Song- Friends - Ed Sheeran

I was worried, and for once it wasn't about performing. Louis and I didn't act like normal friends to say the least. We cuddled in bed, we were always next to each other and we'd often be found staring at each other fondly. It wasn't on purpose. It just kinda happened. The other boys had noticed too. A couple of days ago Niall had been asking me what was going on between us and the truth is I don't know. I need to talk to Louis about this. I need to know if he feels the same as me. I don't want to ruin our relationship as friends but I can't help thinking that we're more than that. It's not gonna be an easy conversation.

"Hey Harry, can we talk?" He asked. "Sure." I replied. Maybe Louis was gonna make this easier for me. "I've broke up with Hannah." He said with tears filling in his eyes. How could I ask him what he felt for me after that. I wrapped my arms around Louis as he sobbed in my arms. "She. She. She said that she couldn't deal with a long distance relationship." He managed to stammer out between sobs. My heart broke for him. How could anyone do that to him. "Louis she obviously doesn't care enough to make it work. Maybe it's a good thing. I know hurts but it will all work out in the end." I spoke from my heart. I was confused on my feelings for Louis but whatever they were that didn't stop me from caring for him. As a friend. We spent the rest of the day cuddling together. Louis stopped crying. The other boys became. I saw the way they looked at us, they knew something was going on. But the question is how do I feel for Louis Tomlinson. I remembered how useless I felt when he was at the hospital. I remembered how happy we are just spending time together. I remembered staring at him and wanting nothing more than to stay in his arms forever. Are we more than just friends?

A/N: I'm gonna be putting a song for the chapter that I listened to while writing it and that really inspired me, so you might want to listen to the song listed at the top while reading. Anyway thanks for reading. Hopefully I should be able to get a update up tomorrow but if not definitely the day after. Thanks for reading!!!!

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