The Story of Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson is the most iconic ship of all time. But did you ever wonder what really happened. Behind all the secrets, lies and hurt. They didn't have it easy but one things for sure they have the greatest love story of all time. So what really happened when green eyes met blue.


12. Could get used to this

Chapter 12

~Could get used to this~

Today was the first week of the live shows. We had all moved into the X factor house and we're sharing s room of 5. We were all very excited yet very nervous. None of us had ever played to crowds this big before. The other boys had all gone to subway for breakfast and Louis and I lay in bed together. "Are you nervous Lou?" I asked. "Yeh but I think it's something that I've just got to get used to if we want to make it big time." He replied. I was still worried. Worried about letting the band down. "What if everyone hates me." I whined. "Who cares what they think. Besides you're kind, you're funny, you're beautiful." Louis said. Beautiful? Do normal friends call each other beautiful while cuddling in bed? Oh well.

Rehearsals went well throughout the week we would be singing viva la vida by Coldplay. We all enjoyed the song it was gonna be fun if we could forget about huge crowd in front of us. Zayn and I were both quite nervous, Liam and Louis slightly more confident. Niall however he just didn't care. He just enjoyed life and couldn't wait to perform. I admired him for that. We had also decided that each week of our X factor journey we would be making a video diary and post it on YouTube. I loved making them, Louis was absolutely hilarious and made us all laugh so he was bound to entertain others. He was like a ball of sunshine and I'm so glad I get to see that side of him.


Let me just say one thing the performance was AMAZING! I'm not going to lie, I was terrified. Louis had to practically shove me onstage, but once I started singing I really began to enjoy it. I could get used to this. I hope this is the start of many more performances.

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