The Story of Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson is the most iconic ship of all time. But did you ever wonder what really happened. Behind all the secrets, lies and hurt. They didn't have it easy but one things for sure they have the greatest love story of all time. So what really happened when green eyes met blue.


4. Boobear and Hazzabear


Chapter 4


~boobear and hazzabear~


Boot camp day 3


I woke up early today so I decided it would be a good idea to wake Louis up. I walked to the edge of his bed pulled the quilt right of the bed and started shouting "WAKE UP" and jumping on the bed. Louis opened his eyes and looked up at me groaned. "I'll get you for this Styles" he grumbled jokingly. "In your dreams Tomlinson." I answered. I walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead with a grin of my face. I loved mornings with Louis.


This morning we will be dancing in front of the judges and I'm not looking forward to it. I really can't dance. Plus this is a singing competition not a dance competition. This afternoon the first half of the boys would be performing alone in front of the judges. Luckily, due to our surnames being near the end of the alphabet, Louis and I were performing tomorrow so had the afternoon to rehearse.


Once we were both dressed and had breakfast we headed down to the studio were we would be performing. "Lou, I'm such a bad dancer, I'm going to ruin everything." I moaned. Louis smiled and replied  "Lou? I like the new nickname. Better than boobear which is what my mum calls me." I blushed. "Boobear is a cute nickname, I will call you it from now on." I said with a grin. "Fine, I will call you Hazzabear." Louis answered with a smirk. "Fine by me" I winked at him.

We had really become close very quickly. Louis was just so easy to get along with. We both enjoyed each others company and it was nice to have a friend supporting you. I'm just glad I bumped into him in the toilets.




One thing I've learnt today is I can't dance. I don't think the dancing went as bad as it could of gone but still far from amazing. This is a singing competition, they can't base too much from the dancing. I'll just have to ace the singing tomorrow. I thought to myself.  I had chosen to sing the song 'stop crying your heart out' by Oasis. I have to do well I don't want to be going home tomorrow, and neither does Louis.


A/N: I know its really short but I've updated 3 times today. Thanks for 200 reads its much appreciated, if possible please give the story a like? I will try and update tomorrow morning but I've got a busy day. If not I will update on Louis' birthday twice. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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