I hate you, Luke.

WARNING!!! R-rated! Includes sexual content and swearing!

"Hey hot stuff, I'm Luke." He smirked and he lay his hand on my inner thighs.

"Hey, now I'd appreciate it if you got your hand off of me?" I said.

"Oh, you know you like it." He raised his eyebrow and winked at me, starting to move his hand up and on my waist line. I slapped his hand off and he laughed.

"Feisty one, I like that." He winked again.

"Whatever, Luke." I lowed, although he was insanely hot, I wasn't a fan of his and I already saw myself disliking him. A lot.


32. Tour

*two weeks later*

We're going on tour tomorrow morning and we have to get up at 5:25am, we've already packed for the UK, but I'm just wondering how me, Luke and Mikey will actually wake up. We're definitely not morning people. It's 11:35pm and everyone's asleep, me and Luke are snuggling up, his warm breath on my neck and arms wrapped around my waist he's asleep and mumbling things I can't even hear and then I drift off to sleep.

"Wake up! We're gonna be late!" Mikey screamed and threw a pillow at me, making sure I don't go to sleep again.

"It's 6:00! Get up!" Ashton and Mikey screamed, I realised that we were going on tour today and I immediately sprung up, and ran around like a crazy person to get ready.

I grabbed a red and black plaid shirt, a black vest top, black ripped jeans - as always, and my black vans. I put applied some concealer, mascara and winged eyeliner. Good thing I was quick at doing makeup without looking like an idiot. I did light contouring and a bit of foundation, and I was ready to go! I exited the bathroom with my luggage, and the guys were standing there.

"We need to go, not stand here!" I laughed and we all rushed out the door and into a big black van with a very smartly dressed driver and chauffeur. We got inside, there was black leather seats and we all sat in the back.

"Ready to go!" We all laughed and we drove to the airport.


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