I hate you, Luke.

WARNING!!! R-rated! Includes sexual content and swearing!

"Hey hot stuff, I'm Luke." He smirked and he lay his hand on my inner thighs.

"Hey, now I'd appreciate it if you got your hand off of me?" I said.

"Oh, you know you like it." He raised his eyebrow and winked at me, starting to move his hand up and on my waist line. I slapped his hand off and he laughed.

"Feisty one, I like that." He winked again.

"Whatever, Luke." I lowed, although he was insanely hot, I wasn't a fan of his and I already saw myself disliking him. A lot.


35. First Performance.

Millions of people were piling inside of the arena, filling up the whole place. 1D had finished their performances and we're talking to the fans.

"Right guys, we have a surprise for you! We've got another band here and they'll be on tour with us." Niall shouted and the audience cheered.

"Here they are, 5 Seconds Of Summer!" Harry shouted and a curtain fell to reveal Ashton, Calum, Luke and Michael all ready.

"Hey guys, we're Five Seocnds Of Summer, I'm Ash, this is Calum, Michael and this is Luke! It's an honour to play for you tonight." Ash said and they started playing 'Teenage Dirtbag'. They played a few songs and they were incredible, the audience went wild!

"Thanks guys, we'd like to see you again soon!" Luke said and the fans went crazy as the guys went off stage and the 1D boys played one last song. The performance was so good and as I was cheering, Luke ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

"You're so sweaty!" I shouted but laughed at the same time, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Did you see that? How many people...that was amazing!" Luke said with a wide grin on his face.

"I'm so proud of you, Luke!" I screamed in excitement, and me and all the boys had a big group hug.

We made our way into the dressing rooms and we all sat on the sofa while we waited for everyone to pack up and unload the screaming fans from the arena. 

Mikey was filming a keek.

"That was a.. Fucking good show tonight." Ashton smiled.

"Wait, are you recording?" Ash said in shock to Mikey who was Obviously filming.

"We can't post this anywhere, I just swore." Ash said responsibly and Luke just laughed and screamed "fuck yeah!" Before the keek finished.


"I'm so proud of you guys!" I smiled.

"Aww thanks Yas!" The guys said and hugged me.

The 1D boys finished and we all went back to the tour bus. We walked in and Liz was there, Luke's mum, I don't even know whether she knows that me and Luke are having a baby or not, and she doesn't even like me very much for some reason.

The boys darted in and Mikey called dibs on the top left bunk bed while me and Luke had the top right bunk bed. Calum was underneath us and Ash was underneath Mikey. The 1D boys slept in the bunk beds on the other end of he bus and Liz and the other adults (manager, bodyguards etc.) were in the middle of the bus. This was one big ass bus.

We all went straight to bed and as I was climbing up into Luke's bunk I was stopped by Liz.

"Yas, you're not sleeping in the same bed as him." She said, folding her arms and tapping her shoes on the floor.

"What?" Luke said, annoyed.

"I'm not risking...things." She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused as fuck.

"Luke has other things he needs to be worrying about. He needs to live his life, with the band. We can't have girlfriends in the picture." She replied. 

"Liz, me and Luke are already together. How could you not know that?" 

"You shouldn't be." She mumbled and walked away.

Where was I to sleep anyway? What was her problem?

I got back into Luke's bed and we snuggled into each other until we fell asleep.


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