I hate you, Luke.

WARNING!!! R-rated! Includes sexual content and swearing!

"Hey hot stuff, I'm Luke." He smirked and he lay his hand on my inner thighs.

"Hey, now I'd appreciate it if you got your hand off of me?" I said.

"Oh, you know you like it." He raised his eyebrow and winked at me, starting to move his hand up and on my waist line. I slapped his hand off and he laughed.

"Feisty one, I like that." He winked again.

"Whatever, Luke." I lowed, although he was insanely hot, I wasn't a fan of his and I already saw myself disliking him. A lot.


8. 8. I love you.

Luke cleared his plate and walked towards me.

"I don't like you, Yasmin". He said, and It hit me in the face with a ton of bricks, my heart shattered. Even though, me and Luke weren't official, it still broke my heart. Tears glazed over my eyes and I felt dizzy, I had a big crush on Luke and he just said he liked me. What is he playing at? How could he do this to me?

"I-I don't like you... I love you. It's only been 2 days but it feels like forever, will you be my girlfriend?" Luke said first anxious and now confident. I lost control, I nodded my head and sobbed into his shoulder, him holding me and kissing my forehead.

"What's wrong? Baby? Tell me why you're sad." He said with worry in his voice.

"I-I thought you were going to hate me. That you'd play with my feelings." I cried, I didn't want him to leave me. I looked down and he cupped my face with his hands, holding up my chin.

"I'd never do that to you, You're my world!" He said, making me feel safe.

About an hour later he called the boys and asked them to come over so we had more company.

"So you guys are official?" Michael asked, puzzled.

"Yeah" I said, Luke holding my hand and I buried my head into his neck, a wide smile plastered into both of our faces.

Ashton didn't seem too happy though, as soon as the topic had started, he was silent and just stared at his phone. He looked disappointed and I really wanted to know what had happened.

"THAT explains the love bites on both of you twos necks! I knew it!" Michael shouted, throwing his hands in the air and running around like a weirdo.

Me and Luke both looked at each other at the same time and just started laughing at what Mikey just said.

I was happy I was with Luke, he used to be an asshole, but I know who he really is... I hope he never changes. He's perfect.

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