I hate you, Luke.

WARNING!!! R-rated! Includes sexual content and swearing!

"Hey hot stuff, I'm Luke." He smirked and he lay his hand on my inner thighs.

"Hey, now I'd appreciate it if you got your hand off of me?" I said.

"Oh, you know you like it." He raised his eyebrow and winked at me, starting to move his hand up and on my waist line. I slapped his hand off and he laughed.

"Feisty one, I like that." He winked again.

"Whatever, Luke." I lowed, although he was insanely hot, I wasn't a fan of his and I already saw myself disliking him. A lot.


24. 24. Bad Dreams.

That night, the guys all stayed round mine for a sleepover, my parents weren't in until about 3, and I'd wake up to my favourite people in the world. On my birthday. We watched movies and then we fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, there was squeaking and banging coming from a door, I was standing in a corridor. A school corridor?

I got up and followed the noise that was in a room, there were whimpering and squealing from a female and moans from a man. They were having sex. I ran up into what was a bathroom (I think) and there was a tall, naked, blonde girl on top of a male, he was holding her up and she was whimpering and screaming. I looked to the man, he had blonde hair that was once a perfect quiff but messed up from sweating and obviously - fucking. It was Daisy, the girl that Luke had cheated on me with and Luke was sat there, taking in the pleasure she gave him, enjoying every bit. They were having sex in the toilets together again...

"LUKE!?" I screamed. He saw me and grabbed Daisy, they were making out and he started to finger fuck her right in front of me. I tried to run out of the room but something wouldn't let me, I couldn't even close my eyes or look away.

I screamed and then suddenly woke up, it was all a dream. Just a bad dream. I opened my eyes to see Luke, the boys and my parents crowded around me, with worried and confused looks on their faces.

"What the fuck just happened? Are you okay?" Calum asked.

"Baby, what happened?" Luke said calmly, gently stroking my cheeks and wiping my wet face.

"It's fine, I'm fine. Perfectly fine." I say, putting on a fake smile. Luke wouldn't cheat on me again with Daisy anyway, we never go to school anymore. I'm with Luke 24/7, there's no possible way he could cheat on me.

It was just a bad dream.

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