I hate you, Luke.

WARNING!!! R-rated! Includes sexual content and swearing!

"Hey hot stuff, I'm Luke." He smirked and he lay his hand on my inner thighs.

"Hey, now I'd appreciate it if you got your hand off of me?" I said.

"Oh, you know you like it." He raised his eyebrow and winked at me, starting to move his hand up and on my waist line. I slapped his hand off and he laughed.

"Feisty one, I like that." He winked again.

"Whatever, Luke." I lowed, although he was insanely hot, I wasn't a fan of his and I already saw myself disliking him. A lot.


15. 15. Guilt

Before I start this chapter, i want to say Thankyou for reading my movellas! I don't really know if you like them or not, so do you mind if you could drop a comment or like the book if you want more updates?! Anyway, back to the book!

Luke's P.O.V

I couldn't tell you how guilty I was for doing what I did, I loved her not Daisy. There's no words to describe Yasmin's beauty and my love for her was very strong...

But why did I cheat on her?

Questions circled through my mind as I watched Yas laying on the sofa, watching TV. I looked in her eyes and I could tell she was still upset, very upset. I had broken her heart like I do to everyone else, but I could tell she was holding back her tears and she was heartbroken still.

She doesn't love you anymore, Luke. She hates you.

Shut up, shut up! Stupid conscience...

Yasmin's P.O.V

Maybe I didn't give him enough of my love?

Maybe he just got bored of me?

These questions made me feel sick, why didn't I try hard enough to please him?

A tear trickled down my cheek, I wasn't good enough for him. I knew it. I told him that up in the bedroom the other day.

I started sobbing into the arm of the sofa and Luke realised and he ran over to me.

"You have no idea how sorry I am, if you're crying over what I did, I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry Yas! I told you I wouldn't do it again! I feel so guilty for what I've done... I don't know what to do!" He said, stumbling over his words and tears streaming down his face.

He really was sorry.

I stopped sobbing by now and Luke had been burning his head in my neck, crying, for a long time now. I had my arms around him while he was and I ribbed circles in his back.

I've never met a guy like this before... This is a different Luke from before, he was crying, he was guilty and he was sorry.

"It's okay, Luke, if you're not gonna do it again, I'll forgive you." I whispered in his ear.

"I won't, I'm sorry." He said for the hundredth time.

"That's okay then." I said softly.

He lifted his head so he faced me, and I kissed him on the corner of his lip.

"You've showers though, right?" I said.

He nodded his head and kissed me on the lips, he licked my bottom lip for permission and he then slid his tongue in my mouth, exploring it. This kiss was passionate. Luke got on top of me but still keeping our lips connected. I played with his lip ring which made him moan and tugged his hair slightly, so he moaned again but louder.

He put his hand on my thigh softly, and then moved to my panty line and began to pull them down.

"Luke, we better stop. The guys are only in the kitchen... They'll hear us." I whispered.

"Oh yeah!" He laughed.

"But we're doing it tonight." He winked.

I raised my eyebrow and then laughed, I couldn't tell whether he was joking or serious. But I did want him, I wanted him to take me. I was a virgin and he was only my second boyfriend, I wanted to lose my virginity to Luke Hemmings.

I know what he did, but that kiss made me forget about my doubts, worries and the whole incident about Him and Daisy.

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