Poor Amber has been bullied for most of her life, but there's one boy who is the harshest of them all. Jake is controlled by his girlfriend, Courtney, to do anything she pleases. Emily is the best friend in love with the boy, Finn, in the bully group. Everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone is in disguise.


6. Paris

*Later Morning In Paris*

I wake up and blink my eyes open. The ceiling is extremely close and it reminds me that I’m on the top bunk at a hotel in Paris.

As quickly and quietly as I can, I climb out of bed and down to the floor. Then I exit the room and head to the kitchen. Making a bowl of cereal and then plopping down on the couch in the living room.

“Awake so early,” Emily yawns as she walks past me on her way to the kitchen.

“It’s actually almost noon, so we slept in,” I say.

“Noon here. Did you forget the time change?” She sits down next to me with cereal as well.

“What the hell?” Courtney’s high-pitched voice seems really annoying right now.

“Oh shut up,” Emily says. “It’s not our fault you need bitch sleep.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard her,” I stand up and face Courtney. “Bitch sleep! Now, I’m going to hang with Jake.”

“In your ugly PJ’s?”

“Oh come on, my Hello Kitty PJ’s are better than your whore outfit. You’re just jealous I’m hanging with Jake now.”

“I am not. Go hang with that bastard.”

“Don’t call him that! I hope to never see you around,” then I stomp out of the room, heading down the hall to the boy’s room.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

“This is nice,” I smile.

“Amber, do you want me to grab some clothes for you when I go get Emily?” Finn asks.

“That would be much appreciated.”

“All right, I’ll be right back then,” he then walks out the door.

“So Jake,” I get a little more comfortable on the couch. “Are we gonna go shopping for a skateboard for me today?”

“If you want,” Jake answers.

“I do. Maybe we can find a nice place to eat dinner as well.”

“That would be nice.”

“I don’t know how I’m going to survive with Courtney,” I sigh.

“Just come over here if she ever gets too harsh.”

“I stood up to her. It makes me proud of myself to do something like that.”

“I’m proud of you as well.”

“Um, would you ever stand up to her for me?” This is the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had.

“For you, of course,” he smiles. “We’re friends now. I’ll always stand up for you from now on.”

*A Few Hours Later*

“There’s so many colors,” I keep looking at the skateboards.

“What are your favorite colors?” Jake asks.

“Yellow, red, and, um, blue.”

“How’s this one?” he grabs one off the wall and hands it to me. The skateboard has a base color of blue with yellow and red smiley faces.

“It’s awesome,” I smile.

“Let’s look at the helmets now.”

“Do they have a Hello Kitty one?”

“We’ll have to look and see.”

*An Hour Later*

“So, we’ll drop this stuff off at the hotel, rest for a bit, get ready, and then head to the restaurant?” I confirm.

“Correct,” Jake says.

“Um, thanks for buying me the skateboard and helmet.”

“You’re welcome. I’ve got to repay you somehow.”

“Well, being nice and getting me toys is a good way to repay me.”

“I’m paying for your dinner as well.”

“As you should.”

“Ah, stereotyping, aren’t we?”

“Just a bit.”

“I want to spend as much time with you as I can on this trip.”

I smile, “Me too. Wait, just the trip?”

“And when we get home.”


“Do you want me to come into your room?” Jake asks as we walk into the hotel.

“In case of Courtney?” I ask back as we enter the lift.

“Yeah. I’ve got to let her know we’re done. I’m not putting up with her bullshit anymore.”

“Oh, all right.” I’ve got a bad feeling about what’s going to happen.

Jake and I walk into my hotel room just as Courtney walks out of her bedroom.

“Jake!” Courtney rushes over to Jake, wrapping her arms around his neck and smashing their lips together.

A pain hits my chest for a second until Jake pushes Courtney away.

“No Courtney. Stay away from me. We aren’t dating anymore.”

“Are you serious? Leaving me for her!” Courtney glares at me. “That whore.”

“She’s not a whore. She’s a lovely girl and ten times better than you.”

Then the next thing I know, Courtney’s palm connects with my cheek and a stinging, burning fire is set off in my cheek.

“You bitch,” I snap at her before connecting my fist to her face. Punching her in just the right place to give her a black eye. She goes down clutching her face. “Don’t you ever touch me or talk to me again. Unless you feel like apologizing.”

“Never!” Courtney screams as she stands up and then rushes off to her room.

“I’m so sorry,” Jake gently cups my cheek with his hand. His cool touch makes it feel just a bit better. “I am so very sorry.”

I stare into his eyes and actually feel a spark. Maybe it’s his hand on my cheek or the way he’s looking at me with love in his eyes. I don’t know, but I feel in my heart that I just may love him. “Care to help me pick out a dress for our date?”

He smiles, “Yes. I’d love to do that.”

*A Few Hours Later*

I’m sitting on the couch in Jake and Finn’s room with Emily by my side. We’re waiting for the boys; Finn is staying here with Emily while Jake is taking me out to dinner.

Oh, and I’m wearing a light blue, floor length dress. It has sparkly straps going across my back and is otherwise strapless.

“What if Jake kisses you goodnight?” Emily asks.

“I don’t think he’ll do that,” I smile. “Besides, that’s too fast of progression for me.” Lies. I’d love if Jake kissed me tonight. I would love if he would cuddle with me on the couch and watch movies all night. I’d love if we’d do a lot of things. Right now. And most of all, I would love to know if he loves me.

“Are you ready to go, Amber?” Jake’s voice fills my ears.

I look over at him and my cheeks heat up. He’s in a suit and looks just a tad different. Still the Jake that I’m falling so head over heels in love with though. “Yeah,” I stand up. “I’m ready.”

“You look beautiful, Amber.”

“You do,” Finn says. I hadn’t even noticed him standing beside Jake.

“Thanks,” I smile.


Hope you liked it! The spacing is different throughout the entirety of the chapter, not sure why. But as long as it's the same all the way, I'm okay with it.

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