Poor Amber has been bullied for most of her life, but there's one boy who is the harshest of them all. Jake is controlled by his girlfriend, Courtney, to do anything she pleases. Emily is the best friend in love with the boy, Finn, in the bully group. Everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone is in disguise.


9. Double Date

*Early Evening*

~Amber’s POV~

“Have we told you girls how stunning you look tonight?” Finn asks Emily and me.

“You have,” Emily smiles. “Multiple times.” She is wearing a red, to the floor dress with no straps and a ‘belt’ of gems right below her breast bone.

“It’s a beautiful evening,” Jake smiles and grabs my hand.

“It really is,” I smile and intertwine out fingers. I’m wearing a blue, to the floor dress with one strap and gems all across the very top.

“This restaurant seems very nice,” Emily says.

“It does.” We’re at an outside table right by a river and we’ll be able to see the sun set. Jake and I are on one side with Finn and Emily on the other.

“I’m glad we’ll be able to see the sun set,” Finn says.

“Good evening. I’m Timothy and I’ll be your waiter for this evening,” our waiter has walked up to us and is speaking. “Do you know what you’d like to drink?”

*An Hour Later*

“The food was amazing,” I smile as the waiter comes back to get out empty plates.

“That’s good,” Timothy smiles. “Would any of you like dessert?”

“Do you have chocolate cake?” Emily asks.

“We do. How many slices?”

“Two,” Finn answers.

“I’ll be right back with them,” Timothy gathers up our plates and then walks off.

“This was a very fun double date,” Jake smiles.

“I’d have to agree,” Finn says. “Tomorrow are we going to get the scavenger hunt out of the way?”

“How about we do it Monday?” I ask.

“Yeah. That sounds better,” Emily says.

“Fine, we’ll do it Monday,” Finn says.

“Here’s your cake,” Timothy sets two pieces of amazing looing chocolate cake on out table, “Enjoy.”

“Oh, I think we will,” Jake says.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

~Emily’s POV~

“See you guys later,” Jake says before grabbing Amber’s hand and heading down the hall to mine and Amber’s room.

“Why are they going to Amber and mines room?” I ask as Finn opens the door to Jake and his room.

“So, they can have alone time,” Finn grabs my hand and pulls me into the room. “And so we can have some alone time.”

“To do what?”

“This,” he lightly grabs my face and pulls it towards his. His soft lips connect with mine and I feel fireworks explode.

The kiss lasts quite a while and when he pulls away he rests his forehead on mine.

“Well, um, ah,” I can’t think of anything to say.

Finn chuckles, “Was it that amazing?”

“Yes, it was.”

“Want to kiss some more in my room?”

“Like, on the bed? That could lead somewhere and I don’t think I’m ready.”

“It doesn’t have to lead anywhere you don’t want.”

I nod, “Okay. Lead the way to your room then.”

We start walking to his room. “Just because I’m curious, will we do it while we’re here?”

A small smile forms on my lips, “Maybe. We’re in Paris, the City of Love. So maybe. Just maybe.”


~Amber’s POV~

“Tonight was so very nice,” I smile as Jake and I walk into mine and Emily’s room.

“It was,” he gently pushes me up against the wall. “I love you Amber. And I have for a long time.” Then he connects out lips. His lips are kind of rough, but I love them. I’m surprised how gentle he’s being. I haven’t been kissed by a boy in years, and this is beyond what I remember.

After a while he pulls away and cups my cheek with one hand. Resting his forehead on mine.

“That was amazing,” I smile.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while now,” he stares into my eyes. “A very long while.”

“I’m glad you finally did it. Can we do it again?”

“We can do whatever you want,” he takes a step away from me so I can walk a little more into the room.

“Is the couch good with you?”

“It’s fine.”

I start walking to the living room and then stop. I turn to look back at Jake slipping his shoes off. “Hey Jake,” I slip off my shoes.

He looks up at me and smiles, “Yeah Amber.”

“I love you too. I forgot to tell you. But I love you too,” I smile.

*The Next Morning*

I wake up snuggled into Jake on the couch. Not really sure how that happened, but I don’t care. My dress is kind of uncomfortable, but I don’t want to get out of Jake’s arms.

“Jake,” I yawn. “Please wake up.”

His eyes flutter open and he smiles at me, “Good morning beautiful.” He gives me a quick kiss on the lips.

“I love you,” I smile.

He smiles back, “I love you too.”

“What are we going to do today?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Spending all day with you, right here.”

“On the couch?”

“No silly,” I giggle. “In this room.”

“Can I go get changed though?”

“Sure. I really want to change as well.”

*A Few Hours Later*

“This is kind of hard,” I frown as I compare my dragon to Jake’s.

“It takes practice,” Jake says. “Yours looks good though.”

“Do you know how to make the outlines of dresses?”

“Yeah. Do you want to design a dress?”

“I do. I’ll even color it with the colored pencils you’ve got.”

“It’s going to be a pretty dress. I can just tell.” He slides me a paper with a princess dress outline on it.

“I love you, Jake.”

“We need nicknames for each other.”

I giggle, “We do.”

“Do you like Bubbles?”

“Why Bubbles?”

“Because you’re adorable like Bubbles off The Powerpuff Girls.”

“Oh, okay. Um, do you like Boo?”

“Courtney used to.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“No, it sounds sweeter when you say it. I like it.”

“All right. So, I love you Boo.”

“And I love you, Bubbles.”

I giggle, “Let’s not tell anyone our nicknames. Okay?”

He chuckles, “Yeah. They’ll think we’re weird.”


Hope you liked it! :)

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