Poor Amber has been bullied for most of her life, but there's one boy who is the harshest of them all. Jake is controlled by his girlfriend, Courtney, to do anything she pleases. Emily is the best friend in love with the boy, Finn, in the bully group. Everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone is in disguise.


7. Crossover

*An Hour Later*

“Um, I’m not that big of a reader,” I shrug. “Unless you count all the reading on video games.”

Jake chuckles, “I guess it kind of is.

“How did you get into drawing?”

“It started with doodles in class. Then I realized I’m kind of good. Finn encouraged me to draw even more and soon my parents got me an art teacher. I’ve gotten better with the teacher, but all I want to do is draw fantasy things. He wants me to draw things that could end up in a museum.”

“Fire the teacher and draw what you want.”

“I just might do that,” he smiles. “Now, besides playing video games like a boss. What can you do that’s special?”

“Um,” I take a second to think. Realizing how all over the place this conversation has been. I like it; I’m so comfortable around him now. “I’d have to say cooking. I’m really good at cooking. Anything and almost everything.”

“Now you’ll have to cook me something.”

“Brunch tomorrow. I’ll come over and cook at your place.”

Jake reaches across the table to grab my hand, “Don’t be afraid of Courtney. I saw you could defend yourself and I don’t think she’ll be bothering you again.”

*Two Hours Later*

“I had a really good time tonight,” I smile as I think of the date. I really got to know Jake and he got to know me.

“Me too,” Jake grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. “We’ll have to do it again soon.”

“I can’t wait.”

We walk in silence to my hotel room.

“See you tomorrow,” Jake smiles and lets go of my hand.

“Can’t wait,” I smile back.

“Goodnight babe,” he swiftly gives me a kiss on the cheek before walking down the hall to his room.

I lean against the wall and a sigh escapes my lips. My crush just kissed me. This trip is turning out to be amazing.

*A Week Later*

“It’s such a beautiful day out,” I lean into Jake’s side.

“This fountain is the perfect place to enjoy the weather,” Jake puts his arm around my shoulder. “Courtney hasn’t given you any trouble, has she?”

“No, not at all. I saw her leaving today but she didn’t say a word.”

“Good. Finn and Emily should be on their date now.”

“I’m so happy for them. Emily’s had a crush on Finn since she first saw him.”

“Finn’s liked her for some time now too.”

We fall silent and it’s nice. It’s not awkward and just being in his presence is enough for me.

“Hi,” a cheerful girl’s voice says.

Jake and I look up and see a girl and a boy.

“Hello,” I smile. “Do I know you?”

“No. But we can get to know each other. I’m Rose and this is Mason. We saw you and couldn’t help but say hi. You two remind us of ourselves.”

“So, you two are dating?” Jake grabs my hand.

“Yeah,” Mason nods. “Aren’t you too?”

I feel a heat come to my face, “Oh no. We’re just good friends. But I’m Amber and this is Jake.”

“Aw, you two make a cute couple if you were a couple,” Rose says.

“Thanks,” Jake squeezes my hand a tad. As if giving me a hint we should get together.

“So, mind if we sit and talk for a while with you guys?” Mason asks.

“Of course not,” I smile. “I’d love to make some new friends.”

*An Hour Before Seven*

“This is going to be so much fun,” Emily smiles.

“I know,” I smile. “They’ve got a big group, though.”

“That’s what’s going to make it fun,” she knocks a few times on Finn and Jake’s hotel room door.

“I’m just happy to be getting more friends.”

The door opens to reveal Finn. “Hello ladies,” Finn smiles. “Did you want to spend time relaxing over here?”

“Of course. Where else would we go?” Emily asks.

“Well, I don’t know. Come on in, though.”

“Thank you,” I say as Emily and I enter the room.

“Amber,” Jake’s sitting on the couch and has a smile on his face. “Come sit by me.”

“I’m coming,” I walk over to him and sit down next to him.

“Tonight’s going to be a lot of fun,” he kisses my cheek. Ever since our date he’s started kissing my cheek a lot. It’s close to where I really want him to kiss me, but still so far away.

“I’ve been thinking about what Rose and Mason said about us.”

“Me too. I don’t know if we should become a couple yet, though.”

“Why not?”

“We still have a lot to learn about each other.”

“Oh.” Maybe he doesn’t love me and I’m just a rebound from Courtney. He probably is looking for someone better than me right now. Oh gosh, please don’t be true.

*The Next Day*

“This will be your sixth figurine, right?” I ask our group’s new group of friends.

“Correct,” James answers.

“That’s crazy,” Emily says.

“All so Rose can get her memories back,” Mason says.

“Even if they are bad?” Jake asks.

“I’d want them back no matter what,” Rose says. “I really want to know what they took from me.”

“Why do you think the figurines are so hard to get?” Finn asks.

“Rose’s parents always made everything a challenge,” Kristy says.

“And they haven’t been too hard,” Laurel says.

“It’s been fun to travel the world,” Lily says.

“Yes it has,” Lucy says.

“I think I see the figurine shop ahead,” Alex says.

“Me too,” I say.

“So, the stores are easy to find but the figurines are hard to get?” Emily asks.

“That’s right,” Mason says.

Everything in life always has a barrier you have to get through before you can have what you want. This is no different. Life loves to make things hard for us.

*A Few Hours Later*

“That was so much fun!” I exclaim as we walk up to the main doors of the Ritz.

“Not as hard as I thought it would be,” Rose giggles.

“Pictures we’ll have forever,” Mason opens a door and we all rush in.

“That’s very true,” Jake says.

“Now, what are we going to do for the rest of our time here?” Kristy asks.

“You’ll be hanging with us,” Finn smiles.

“Well, we know that,” Laurel laughs.

“We’ll have to go out to dinner again,” Lily says.

“Yes, and go on a boat ride,” Lucy says.

“We need to exchange emails and such before we forget,” I say.

“Yes, let’s head to someone’s room so we can do that,” James says.

“Let’s go to Jake and mines room,” Finn says.

“Sounds like a plan,” Alex says.

*A Week Later-Early Evening*

Jake and I are walking around outside. Rarely talking and his hand holding mine.

“I’m glad we met Rose and her gang,” I smile.

“Me too,” Jake intertwines our fingers. “I’ve been thinking about us.”

“Have you?”

“I have. And I want to be something more.”

“A couple?”

“Yeah. But, before we do, I have to tell you something very important. It’s been on my chest for too long. I have to tell you. I’ve been told you deserve to know.”

I nod, “Well, if we’re confessing things, I’ve got something to tell you as well.”

“Do you want me to go first?”

“Yeah. Talk away.”


Yes, I did a crossover with two of my stories. The other story is Pieced Together, so if you want the whole story of what happened during the time they met, go read that story. Hope you liked it! :D

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