Poor Amber has been bullied for most of her life, but there's one boy who is the harshest of them all. Jake is controlled by his girlfriend, Courtney, to do anything she pleases. Emily is the best friend in love with the boy, Finn, in the bully group. Everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone is in disguise.


1. Bully

"You are such a nerd," Jake, my bully, laughs in my face. He has shaggy, black hair with a fringe that is loosely pushed to the left; dark green eyes; kind of pale; light pink, plump lips; five foot nine; 17 years old.
"Where's your glasses," Courtney snickers. She has long, wavy black hair; dark blue eyes; slightly tan; dark pink lips; five foot six; 16 and a half years old.
"Come on Jake, Courtney. It’s time to get to class," Finn, the nice one of the group, urges. He has brown hair with his bangs spiked up to the left; light green-blue eyes; nice tan; pink, plump lips; five foot ten; 17 and a half years old.
"Let's go Amber," Emily, my best friend, grabs my upper arm. She has long, straight, light brown hair; light brown eyes; nice tan; thin, dark pink lips; five foot seven; 16 and ¾ years old.
"Pricks," I snap as I turn and walk away from the trio. As it’s already been said, my name is Amber. I have wavy blonde hair to my shoulders; bright blue eyes; an alright tan; small, pink lips; five foot seven; almost 17 years old.
Not until Emily and I have reached our science class room and are settled into our seats do I start talking again. "I just don't get it. Jake is happy. He's got a girlfriend and a great best friend. Why does he continue to tease me?"
"You know him and Courtney aren't doing so well," Emily says.
"So he has to get his anger out on me? He's always teased me. I don't get it."
"Maybe it’s a very deep meaning."
"Deep meaning my ass."
*End Of School*

The second Emily and I get off school grounds, we unbutton the first two buttons on our shirts. "I hate private school," I sigh. "But we get to live away from home, so I guess it’s alright."
"And no parents. Can't forget that. And we get to make our own rules," Emily smiles.
"Amber! Emily! Wait up!" Comes a boy's voice I hear quite a lot: Finn.
Emily and I stop walking and turn to see Finn running towards us. Seconds later he's with us and we're walking again.
"What's up?" Emily asks. She has the biggest crush on Finn and masks it well.
"I wanted to apologize for Jake’s dick behavior today," Finn says. "I won't apologize for Courtney though. Never liked her."
"Why does he do it?" I ask.
"It’s complicated," he sighs. "I wish I could tell you."
I sigh, "Courtney and him aren't doing well I hear."
"They're going to crash and burn soon. Courtney doesn't even care about him. She goes to parties without him. Getting with boys and shit. Ugh, I keep telling him to break up with her, but he won't."
"Because he's an idiot."
"This isn't even your way home," Emily changes the subject real smooth. "Did you come this way just so you could talk to us?"
"Um, yes I did," Finn nervously chuckles.
"You have a car, don't you? You could've just drove to our house and talked to us there," I say. "Well, our apartment."
"It’s such a nice day out and I wanted to get some fresh air."
"You don't know where we live, do you?" Emily asks.
"No, sorry. Hey, after this little adventure I will," Finn chuckles. Then Emily and I giggle with him. Never thought I'd have such a good time with my bully's best friend.
*A Few Hours Later*
"That was very sweet of Finn to talk to us like that," Emily smiles.
"When are you going to tell him you like him?" I ask. We're chilling in our living room watching Fast and Loud.
"When are you going to like someone?"
"I do like someone."
"Oh really? And who is it?"
"I'm not telling. I'm not even sure if I really like him."
"Fine, don't tell me. Will you eventually tell me?"
"Most likely. You are my best friend."
"You glad tomorrow is Friday?"
"Kind of. It means the weekend, but it also means I have to face Jake." My stomach does a flip when I say his name. A big part of me hates him. Hates everything he does to me. But then a small, so very small, part of me sees past that and likes him. He's kind of attractive in his own way, and probably is a real nice guy. Yup, my crush is my bully. Well, he wasn’t always my bully.
"Just ignore him. Don't pay attention to him if he starts talking to you."
"Okay, I'll do that."
"Good. Now, are we getting takeout tonight or what?"
"I'm craving pizza. Where's the home phone? Is John’s Pizza on speed dial yet?"
"Put it on yesterday. Just tell him we want our regular," she hands me the phone.
"Small pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. Jug of root beer, and bread sticks with extra cheese," I smile.
"We really need to stop eating there," Emily shakes her head. Then we both burst out laughing.


I know, this is a cliché love story. Hope you like it anyways! :D

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