Poor Amber has been bullied for most of her life, but there's one boy who is the harshest of them all. Jake is controlled by his girlfriend, Courtney, to do anything she pleases. Emily is the best friend in love with the boy, Finn, in the bully group. Everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone is in disguise.


10. Apology

*The Next Day-Evening*

~Courtney’s POV~

“You are one amazing cook,” I smile before taking another bite of Nate’s crepe. It’s like a French pancake, and even though it’s night time, he made it for me.

“I’m glad you like all the stuff I make you,” Nate smiles back at me.

“I was thinking Wednesday I’d do apologize.”

“Okay. That’s good. I’ll come with and be right by your side.”

“I’d appreciate that.”

“Would it be weird if I said I love you?”

“No, because I love you.”

“Ah, but you leave at the end of the summer and a relationship will never work.”

“No, no, it can. Come back to the states with me.”

“Can I? Do you want me to?”

“I do, but we have a while until we really have to decide anything.”

“Okay. Let’s wait a few weeks more before we decide anything.”

“Sounds good to me. Hey, can I have another French thingy.”

“You mean a crepe?” he asks in his super cute French accent.

I smile and nod, “Yes please.”

*Monday-Early Afternoon*

~Amber’s POV~

“Where to next?” Emily asks.

“This is a really fun scavenger hunt,” I smile.

“We had the nice boat ride. The Eiffel Tower was awesome,” Jake says.

“The flower stand was cool,” Emily smiles.

“The car shop was pretty interesting,” Jake says.

“I really liked the candy store,” I smile.

“So much chocolate,” Emily smiles.

*A Few Hours Later*

“This scrapbook is going to be awesome,” I smile as I place another picture.

“No doubt about that,” Emily is decorating anther page.

“I wonder what Courtney’s been up to.”

“Out on the streets looking for a man.”

“She probably already found someone.”

“She’s probably found tons of guys who want to get with her.”

“She’s a mean person, but not a whore.”

“Defending her now.”

“Just being the bigger person. Maybe one day she’ll come apologize to me.”

“That would really surprise me.”

“It would be a big change in her behavior.”

“That it would be.”

*Two Days Later-Morning*

“You boys are too nice,” I breathe in all the smells. Taking in all the sounds.

“Nonsense, it’s what boyfriends do,” Finn says.

“And we are so grateful for you,” Emily says.

“Bacon is done,” Jake smiles.

Soon all the food is done and we are chowing down. About an hour later the dishes are in the dishwasher and we’re chilling in the living room. Chatting and laughing and just having fun. That is, until a knock at the front door comes.

“Who’s that?” Finn asks.

“I’ll get it,” Jake and I hop up.

I giggle, “I guess we’ll get it together.”

Jake smiles, “Guess so.” He gives me a quick kiss before grabbing my hand and leading the way to the front door. He opens it quickly, and I’m taken aback.

“Courtney?” I barely choke out.

“Hello,” she doesn’t say any louder than me.

“Hi,” the man next to her smiles.

“Hey,” Jake sort of growls.

“Why are you here?” I ask.

“To apologize,” she looks at her shoes.

Courtney, the girl who has taunted me for years, wants to apologize to me. I want to take her apology and forget the past. But I just can’t. My brain is telling me she should feel pain just like I have.

“No, no. Go. Leave.”

“Please, hear me out.”

“No! You have been a terrible person to me for years. A small apology means nothing. It’s going to take a lot more to make up to me.” I turn on my heels and storm back into the room. She’s crazy to think this was going to fix anything.

*An Hour Later*

~Courtney’s POV~

“That was terrible,” I cry into Nate’s chest.

“Amber just needs some time,” Nate holds me close.

“How long do I have to wait before she understands I’m sorry?”

“It all depends. You should just stand back for a while until she comes to you. Maybe write her a letter so she knows that you’re sorry.”

“Okay. That sounds good,” I sniffle. “They can’t hate me forever.”

“How about we go walk for a bit so you can calm down.”

*A Few Hours Later*

I sit down in Nate’s office and sigh. One letter. That’s it.

After a few minutes, I grab a pencil and some sheets of paper.

“I’m going to start on lunch,” Nate looks into the room.

“That sounds nice,” I say. “I’ll help once I do this letter.”

“Take your time love,” he smiles. “Don’t rush on the letter.” He turns and walks away.

I look back to the paper, pick up the pencil, and start writing. I’ll write from whatever comes to my mind. I just hope she’ll want to talk soon.


Hope you liked it! :)

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