Poor Amber has been bullied for most of her life, but there's one boy who is the harshest of them all. Jake is controlled by his girlfriend, Courtney, to do anything she pleases. Emily is the best friend in love with the boy, Finn, in the bully group. Everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone is in disguise.


11. A Plan

*A Few Days Later*

~Emily’s POV~

“What are we going to do now that we’ve done the scavenger hunt?” I look at Finn.

“We could go to the movie theater,” Finn shrugs. “That’s not a very fun date, though.”

“We could finish our walk and then head to the hotel’s pool.”

“That sounds like a perfect idea. That’s something we haven’t done on this trip.”

“We’ll invite Jake and Amber as well.”

“They’ll like that.”

“I’m surprised Courtney hasn’t come back to apologize to Amber again.”

“I truly believe she is sorry. And I don’t blame Amber for lashing out at her. If only we could get them to sit down and talk it out.”

“We could think something up with Jake. If she’s really sorry, then Amber needs to hear her out. I don’t agree with anything she did to Amber, but I don’t believe in holding grudges.”

“Let’s head back to the hotel. Someday soon I’ll talk to Jake about getting Amber and Courtney together.”
“Sounds like a plan,” I smile.


~Amber’s POV~

I pick up the envelope with my name in fancy print across the front of it off the coffee table. Then I rip it open and pull out the contents. A single piece of notebook paper with what looks to be a letter on it.

‘Dear Amber, I am so sorry for what I did to you at school. I really am. It’s just, I was jealous of you. The first day you entered my class I kind of wanted to be friends with you. You’re pretty, smart, and speak your mind. I knew we could be good friends. But you stole Jake’s heart. He liked you more than me. And for that I started to hate you. It was stupid of me to do so. I hurt you, pushed Jake to the edge making him hurt you, and lost the real me. I’m not that mean of a girl, honest. Ask around. I just let my mind wander from the right path. Again, I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused you. There’s no real reason for you to make up with me, and no real way to make what I did go away and then us become friends. All I want is to talk to you and work something out. Friendship or not. It’s better than being enemies. From, Courtney’

I stare at the letter with no emotion and not a clear thought running through my head. So I read the letter a few more times.

She wants to talk? No, not now. I’m not ready. I might not be ready for a long time. I’ll have to be forced to talk to her if she wants to talk soon.

*A Week Later*

~Jake’s POV~

“She’ll never go and talk to Courtney,” I look at Finn. We’re chilling in some pool chairs while the girls swim around. They are acting like such little kids, but that’s beside the point.

“That’s why we’re tricking her,” Finn says. “You’ll take her to a coffee shop that Emily and I have picked out.”

“Then you’ll have Courtney there and we’ll force them to talk.”

“Correct. And we’ll get them whatever snacks and drinks they want. Hopefully, then, they’ll work out everything.”

“It sounds like a good plan. Could end badly, but I don’t think it will.”

“Boys,” Amber swims over to the edge and smiles at us. “Can you come swimming now?”

“It’s boring without you!” Emily exclaims.

“We’ll be in in a second,” Finn assures them.

“You better be,” Amber pushes off the wall and goes back to Emily.

“When are we getting Amber and Courtney together?” I whisper to Finn as we stand up.

“Tomorrow afternoon,” Finn whispers back.

*The Next Day-Early Afternoon*

~Amber’s POV~

“Do you think they’ll have white chocolate hot chocolate?” I ask Jake.

“Maybe,” he grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers.

“You’ve been quiet for a while. What’s up?”

“Nothing,” he smiles.

“Are you sure, Boo?”

“I’m positive, Bubbles.”

We walk the remaining few blocks to the coffee shop in silence. It bothers me that he’s being really quiet, but I have to trust him that everything’s okay.

When we reach the coffee shop, Emily and Finn are standing outside waiting for us. We greet each other before entering the shop.

Jake lets go of my hand as Emily takes hold of my arm. Then she drags me over to a table. Not an empty table, though. A table with Courtney filling half the seats.

Emily pushes me down into the only seat that’s right across from Courtney before I can pretest. “Jake, Finn, and I will be in the booth right next to you girls. We aren’t leaving until you work things out.”

I glare at Courtney, “I better get a drink and some snacks.”

“You will. Now, please talk.”

“Is Nate coming back?” Courtney looks at Emily.

“He will. Now, talk,” Emily looks at both of us before backing away and then heading to the boys.


Hope you liked it! One, maybe two, chapters left. :)

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