"Friends keep secrets, Alabama; keep mine." His eyes seemed to dance as I looked at him, my expression probably full of wonder and shock that someone so strong for me could be so weak when it comes to himself.

When Annabeth Travis moves from small town Bluebell, Alabama to New York City, she's in for an adventure. Seventeen years old and on her own, Simon Rodgers takes pity on her. But what happens when they let down all the walls of mystery and shadowy fear?


2. Two

He jogged to catch up to me. I remember hearing a thud as he slipped and fell into the snow. I'd chuckled, trying to hide it, and helped him up. 

"Why are you so eager to catch up? I'm just trying to go home." I'd told him, rolling my eyes as he'd shaken snow out of his hair. 

He'd pulled out a sharpie, writing nine digits on my hand. I'd sighed. "Really?" 

He'd laughed. "In case you need a native New Yorker for some help."

I'd turned around and kept walking, feeling a bit annoyed as well as a hint of tingliness that I could not identify. I threw away the bitter coffee and headed up the stairs. I passed my floor and went up to the roof, looking out to the big city.

I remember thinking about how far I'd come. I thought about how previously I believed I'd never leave the state of Alabama, most likely never to see the lights and hear the busyness of a city like this. And yet, here I was, on the roof of my new apartment, listening to the cars, watching the taxis, and hearing the people yell at each other.

As new as this all had been, I'd smiled softly, thinking about how crazy my new life would be. I could've been anyone I wanted to be. Yet, I chose to simply be myself. 

I'd gone back to bed, but not before texting the number written on my hand. 

What type of coffee is drank after the morning?

And upon awaking in the morn, I'd read a text received.

Meet me there @ 6 and I'll teach you the New Yorker ways.



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