"Friends keep secrets, Alabama; keep mine." His eyes seemed to dance as I looked at him, my expression probably full of wonder and shock that someone so strong for me could be so weak when it comes to himself.

When Annabeth Travis moves from small town Bluebell, Alabama to New York City, she's in for an adventure. Seventeen years old and on her own, Simon Rodgers takes pity on her. But what happens when they let down all the walls of mystery and shadowy fear?


4. Four

Hang out today?

I remember smiling as I received that text from Alexander. I had thought about how sweet he was, although two weeks into our friendship, I'd started to see his sarcastic side more often. It just made me respect him even more.

Yeah. When & where?

I'd waited anxiously for his reply. I remember mentally scolding myself. I hadn't wanted to fall for some boy. He was three (and a half) years older. I hadn't wanted to feel so naive. Love would always loop around to hang out with it's best friend, Hurt. And I sure as hell didn't like the games that those two play.

On an adventure. Pick you up at 3?

I'd grinned wide, typing back a quick confirmation and then changing out of my pajamas. I'd gotten ready in a flash, awaiting his arrival. Two hours later, he arrived five minutes early. Lucky for me, I'd been ready for quite a bit.

"You ready to adventure?" He'd slyly grinned.

I'd laughed, trying to think of a snarky reply. He always seemed to have one with ease, and I'd wanted to beat him to it for once. It was like a game to me.

"Even if you're not, we're going anyway. It's time that the country girl saw more of this big city." He'd winked and I'd chuckled at his untamable tongue.

This was a boy whom sparked my curiosity. He hopped on a motorcycle, and I'd jumped on behind him. "Where are we going?" I'd asked. He didn't respond, and I just sighed as he handed me a helmet.

"We're going to adventure, country girl. Just hold on and enjoy the ride."

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