There Are Eyes in the Woods

Esther is not normal, to say the least. Her abnormal eyes and dangerous past has her constantly hiding and running. She desperately wants to see the world outside, away from the hidden woods, where someone's biggest worry is what shoes to buy. She wants to be free, from her past and the hunters.
Dimitri is and average boy with an intriguing secret. He knows of the abnormal that are hiding in the woods. He's determined to find out what is hiding back by the old mill.


1. Prologue

She lurches forward onto her hands and knees. She trembles with every shallow breath she tries to inhale. Red oozes from her side onto the grimy concrete flooring. She silently screams as every inhale rips at the gash on her side. The blood glides down her legs flowing into a large pool around her knees. She closes her eyes, willing this to be over. 
    “I never asked for this,” she whispers into her chest. She sits there for a minute, until a large shadow covers her meek body. She wills a weak tear away. He won’t see me cry. 
    “Had enough of this, Esther? You know, you can always just give up and obey me,” the large man in front of her boomed, “ I mean we are family, well, I created you.” His smug grin joined with his throaty laugh is enough to make anyone cower. An instinctual shudder comes over to her. He laughs lazily taking his eyes off her. 
“No” she mutters gathering her strength. He freezes and glares down at her. 
“ I’m sorry I didn’t get that. Speak louder!” He says, anger bubbling into his tone. An echo reverberating throughout the vacant saw mill makes him sound larger and more menacing. His shoulder length hair, as black as the night sky, covers his sadistic red eyes as he waits for her to cower and beg for his mercy.  
“I said, no.” she says as calm and as loud as she can muster from the gurgling blood now in the back of her throat. No one ever stands up to her father, ever. That’s how her people have gotten killed. He is ruthless, takes what he wants, when he wants it. He killed his own brother for simply disagreeing with him over what will happen to their people on the new land. Everyone she has ever cared about has died at his hands. He would send patrols out for no reason than to have them executed by the Hunters nearby.  At this moment, he wants her, her power, her soul, her obedience. 
She’s tired, of him, of his crap, of his constant torment; she’s had enough. She looks up from her compromised position on the floor to gaze at his shadowy face.
 “ We are the last of our kind! Do you want to be the last one left, last to be hunted? You take my Elements, you’ll ruin us! I’ll destroy myself before you can have me,” she takes a ragged breath, “ I’m done with you Lukas.” She stands glaring with her golden eyes into her father’s with all her fight left. He pauses, processing her declaration. She uses his occupied state to gain some discreet distance between them. Not enough for him to notice, but enough that she is out of his reach. Esther knows what his end solution when she said it. He will kill her no matter what now. His rage will consume him and she will pay the price. It’s the price he pays for his ruthless strength and stamina, he loses his ability to think rationally and feel. Her mother would always say that power came at a price, but it’s the price your willing to take is who makes you who you are. 
Her price, though hefty, is worth what the outcome would be. She isn’t ready to give in. Her eye twitches, sparks dance across her skin. She shudders as her power unlocks from deep within. Her head tips back, eyes darkening, electricity dancing from her fingertips, her whole body gives off a yellow glow. He stares full of excitement, finally seeing her true potential. She looks back at him, a blank expression, her body completely consumed with  the yellow hue of power. She lost control.
“YOU NO LONGER HAVE POWER OVER ME” she said, her voice raising several octaves with a crisp staccato point to every word. The electricity coursing through her body etches its way into her voice.   He chuckles, 
“ I will always have power over you, sweetheart. You don’t have it in you, but by all means, finish me. Let’s see how you handle the hunters on your own” He grins. Her face unchanged, she glides toward him as if to be floating. Now she’s staring into his deep red eyes. She gently raises her hand and whispers, 
“ Not anymore. You have done many cruel things. You must learn compassion, feel what those you have wronged have felt. Take their pain as your own.” she barely touches his temple, a tingling passes from her fingertips to his skull. His grin falters, his hands grip each side of his head. The veins on his forehead protrude. He begins screaming in agony as every pain he has ever inflicted on those of Esther’s choice rushes through his memory, making him live it through their eyes. 
His brother’s as he stared at him as his heart was ripped from his chest. He his hands absently clutch his chest. He sees the fires he started, burning children, infants, wives. He looks at his hands. blistering third degree burns envelope his arms. He looks up in horror. His daughter’s face blurry. His cheeks become wet with all the tears he has inflicted on the destroyed families. One by one he replays everything, until it stops. He’s fallen to his knees within the past couple of memories. He slowly looks up attempting to whisper an inaudible prayer. A faint whisper escapes Esther’s lips, 
“ This is for mother.” He’s back to that grim night 2 years ago. She was teaching Esther the art of their people, what it was like on their home planet while sitting in the den of their home in the a mile away from the mill. He sees his wife, her long brown hair, similar to Esther’s, her back is turned. The weight of a knife enclosed in his left hand. Creeping up he plunges the knife deep into her spine. She gasps, head tipping back, she looks into his eyes before fading into a pale, lifeless blue. 
He grips his rib cage, searching horridly for forgiveness and he stumbles backwards onto his back. He looks up to the ceiling, the dim lighting of the dawn coming through the window becomes foggy. His eyes drift shut and blood drips out of his mouth. 
 Esther lets out a ragged breath. Her face pales as she becomes very dizzy. The room spins for a moment while she regains her balance. Her stomach churns. She begins to sweat, but is frozen to the touch. SHe opens her eyes to see the horror she has caused, again. Her father’s lifeless body lays in a distorted position in front of her. She lets out a blood curdling scream as she falls to her knees, no longer able to hold anything down. She drops her head to keep the room from spinning some more. Tears stream down her pale cheeks, her eyelids grow heavy. Head bobbing, she whispers,
“ I’m so sorry daddy.” She falls forward, head falling into her father’s outstretched hand. Her world goes black. Her last thought running through her mind, I’m the last one left.

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