There Are Eyes in the Woods

Esther is not normal, to say the least. Her abnormal eyes and dangerous past has her constantly hiding and running. She desperately wants to see the world outside, away from the hidden woods, where someone's biggest worry is what shoes to buy. She wants to be free, from her past and the hunters.
Dimitri is and average boy with an intriguing secret. He knows of the abnormal that are hiding in the woods. He's determined to find out what is hiding back by the old mill.


2. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1. 

1 Year later...

Esther lays her head back against the window, her knees up to her chest. She stays there. Her breath slow and even. Her hair is in a messy mop on the top of her head. She fiddles with the pendant around her neck, flipping it from front to back between her index and pointer fingers. A small smile finds its way to the left corner of her mouth. One of those smiles that come with a terrible backstory. She looks down at the pendant, remembering that horrifying day.  

He hovered over her. Blood dripping from his nose where she had previously punched him. He glared at her with nothing but fury. She’s curled in the fetal position, trying to protect her vital organs. His eyes grow dark, searching for blood. Slowly he raises a hand, she cowers on the floor, instead of slapping her in the face, the air is knocked out of her. Blow after blow, she feels every breath taken grow weak as each rib cracks and brakes. His power is too much for her to handle. Each kick is swift and precise. He wants her to feel it, feel every bit of pain without a blackout as some form of peace. He wants her to suffer like how he describes he does every day after their species left their world. He claims it was her fault. People were after her in their old world.

“Your mother always felt the need to protect you. I don’t know why. There’s nothing special about the abomination that you have grown to be” her father would lash out at her before he would continue his assault. Esther never fought back though. She knew she would have to same fate as her mother if she did. Before she would black out he always made sure to remind her,

“The day I drove that blade through her heart was the best moments of my life. No longer having to listen to her incessant chatter of what you were to become. You are to become what I demand without question. Your life is worth as much as the dirt that I walk on!” Then, by a saving grace Esther would fade away wishing that everything would stop.

A tear slips down her cheek. She missed her mother dearly. Her fragile face, soft touch, the smell of lilacs on her darkened brown hair. Her gentle voice that sung her sweet lullabies after father’s beatings, or “lectures” as he called them. Esther closes her eyes, suppressing the terrible memories so she can preserve the beautiful creature she loves so dearly.

She lets out a shaking breath and slowly opens her eyes. Her skin is steaming from the heat of the summer’s day. She looks down at her palms, which are giving off a slight yellow tint. They often did this when her emotions became too high strung. Sighing, she preps for the long and dreary day ahead of her.

“I need to go for a run,” she mumbles to herself as she pushes of  window sill to make her way down to the hidden path in the woods near the abandoned mill she calls home.

Her light feet echo through the long rooms of the mill as she reaches the door on the other side of the room. She glances around to make sure not a single dust molecule is out of place.

She turns forward and heads off for the much needed exercise. She steps out into the sunlight letting her head fall back to expose more skin to soak up the rays of sun. Her palms glow a brighter yellow as she turns them to the sky. It’s much easier to relax on days like these, where the sun is shining high above.

Crouching down, she gets into a sprinter’s stance, counting down, three, two, one. Snap! Her head whips left as all the life pales out of her.

“Oh shit!”



Thank you so much for reading this story! It really means a lot to me! I will spare you the long winded author's notes because I know most people don't read them (Don't worry, I don't either), but I just wanted to say how much it means to me that everyone would give the story a chance. I know it is not well written, but please let me know what you think! I'm open for any suggestions!! I will try to update as much as possible though I cannot give you a set schedule of when I will update because I would evidently let you all down and I'd would truly feel awful! Well I will let you read on, or move to other stories.


Thank you again and please leave a comment on what you thought!

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