Torn Apart

After traveling the world to find figurines for a box that held secrets of the past, Rose has now been confronted by the one she can't remember. Tommy is Rose's boyfriend for a time that was stolen from her. Will he tear everyone apart?
(This is the last book in the Broken and Scarred, Pieced Together, trilogy.)


1. Tommy

How have you been? Why did you leave? What happened? These are the questions I'm being asked by a so-called boyfriend from a time in my past I can't remember. Also, my boyfriend of the present is standing beside me holding me close. My friends are behind me all shocked. Not to mention my boyfriend and his best friends are going to a job training in NYC.
After a whole summer traveling the world to find 12 figurines to unlock my past, all I get is a boy. He's an attractive boy, but I already have a boyfriend. And I love him very much. But this boy, could I have loved him in my past? Will I ever remember my past?
"Please be careful around him," were the last words that Mason said to me before leaving with James and Alex to get to the airport.
"We're going to check out the dogs," Lily said before rushing with Lucy and Laurel out to our dogs.
"I've got a shift at the coffee shop," Kristy smiled before rushing out of the house.
And that's how I ended up, all alone, in the living room with a boy I can't remember.
"I'm sorry I didn't call or email back," Tommy gives a lopsided smile. "I just wanted to get here as fast as I could."
I nod, "I'm sorry I can't remember you."
"That's all right. I'm hoping that I can jog your memories of me."
"That would be nice."
"So, you've lived here two years?"
"Yeah. Before I started living here I had been on the streets almost three years."
"That's where you ended up after your parents died?"
"Yeah. What about you?"
"I was torn from you before that. So I was just living my life."
"Oh, because you made me happy," I look into his eyes.
"I'm so happy to finally be with you again. I love you Rose."
"No, you can't. I'm not the same girl I was five years ago. I've fallen in love with someone else."
"That Mason kid?"
"Please give me a chance. Let's just get to know each other again and see what happens."
“That sounds fine. How about I show you to your room?"
"That would be great."
*That Night*
"Hey babe," Mason smiles as the video chat begins.
"Hi Mason," I smile back.
"We've been gone not even a day and I miss you terribly."
I giggle, "I miss you as well. We've got a long while before we see each other again, too. I don't think I'll make it."
"How's Tommy?"
"Fine. We are going to hang out tomorrow. He's not a bad guy, Mason. I think we can become good friends."
"That's it right?"
"Yes. I'm in love with you."
"You were in love with him at one time."
"That was a long time ago. A time I don't like to think about. Let it go."
"He made you happy then."
"You make me happy now."
"Why didn't you make him leave?"
"Because he holds the key to my past! I just know it."
"I've got to go babe."
"Bye then, Mason. Talk to you later. I love you. I really do."
"Bye Rose. I'll be sure to call tomorrow. I love you too."
Then the chat ends.
I put my computer on the bedside table and then slide to my back. A groan escapes my lips and I close my eyes. Why can't Mason let me do what I want? The chat we just had I felt him pushing me away. I can be friends with Tommy if I want.
A knock comes at my door after a few minutes of quiet.
"Come in."
The door opens and in steps Tommy. "I heard you yell and wanted to make sure you were alright."
I smile, "I'm fine. Mason just got me a little mad."
"Oh, I'll leave then," he turns to leave.
"No, wait."
He turns back to me, "Yes?"
"Stay. I want to talk to you."
"Okay," he walks over and sits in the edge of my bed. "What's up?"
I crawl closer to him, "I want to hang out with you all day tomorrow."
He smiles, "That sounds like a good idea."
I smile back, "I thought you'd think so."
"What did Mason do to make you mad?"
"Ugh, it’s about you. He doesn't want me getting close to you. But he's not the boss of me. I'll do whatever I want."
"Ah, still got that don't-listen-to-anyone attitude I see."
"Shut up," I giggle.
"You remember that part of your past?"
"I remember most of my past, but not all of it."
"Ah, just the happy parts they took from you?"
I nod, "I believe so."
The rest of the night is spent talking with Tommy. We don't talk about my past, but about our interests. It turns out we have a lot in common, and he is a nice guy. I get so comfortable around him in the hour we talk that I fall asleep on him.
*The Next Afternoon*
"I've got a serious question," I take a sip of my pop and look at Tommy.
"And what is your question?" He gives his stupid lopsided smile.
"Why didn't you come back for me when my parents sent you away?"
"Because your parents made sure I couldn't get back to you. Changed all the ways I could get in contact with you. Had a guy watching me all the time. The guards in front of your house would never let me in. I promise you I did everything I could to see you."
"Then my parents died and I vanished."
"Your brother told me after sometime I'd be able to see you again. It was too long."
“I'm glad my parents let me see you again. Even after they died and made me go through a lot of shit to see you."
"I'm glad you're glad to see me."
"Was I any different back then?"
"Um, not any different than you are today. You always wanted to get out. And now you have."
"I won't be able to stay home tomorrow, but I'm glad we've had time to talk."
"We aren't done talking yet, are we?"
"No, not yet."
"Tell me, from the time you went homeless, what's happened."
"Okay," I smile. Even though I don't like my homeless past, he deserves to know. "As long as you tell me some stories about us."
"Like how we would cuddle and watch movies? Or how we would read books in silent. Maybe even our stupid little fights that would end up in us in giggle fits."
"Yes. Telling me about them all. After I've had my turn."


I'm sorry to say that this book will only be two chapters. I knew it wasn't long, but I didn't realize how short it was. Hope you like what content it does have. :)

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