Annabelle is a sweet, loving, caring girl. Or at least she was.


1. Annabelle

 Annabelle was once a small, delicate child. She had light brown hair, and brilliant blue eyes. Annabelle had always dreamed of being a famous ballerina, so she set to work.

 Annabelle started ballet, she was fantastic! People would come from miles around to see her ballet class perform, so that they could see her, of course.

 After pursuing her dream of ballet for around 7 years, she began to get bored, "I will never be a known ballerina." She would say to herself sadly.

 Annabelle still went to ballet practice everyday, though her spirit was dimming. One day, a mysterious man showed up at her ballet practice. The man had a black fedora, a long brownish trench-coat, and black boots. He spoke with the young girls' teacher, soon the teacher approached Annabelle, a smile stretched across her face showing her perfect teeth.

 "Annabelle," the teacher said in her soft voice, "this kind man has seen you in our shows, he said he would like you to transfer to his gym."

 Annabelle didn't know what to say, she just smiled, suddenly remembered that she must never give up on her dreams. Without thinking, Annabelle eagerly nodded her head.

 "Good, good." the teacher walked away, fixing her bun.

 "Would you like to come... see the gym yourself?" the man said, his voice rough, the man never showed his face.

 "Yes, yes." Annabelle said excitedly, she ran to gather her belongings, then ran back to the man, completely forgetting to call her mother to tell her the exciting news.

 The man led Annabelle outside, opened the door of his car, and when Annabelle hopped into the back, he shut the door behind her.

 The man drove Annabelle for what seemed like hours, Annabelle would ask the man questions, though he would never answer. The man would just mumble inaudible words under his breath.

 After a while, the two travelers stopped. The man got out of the car, pulled Annabelle out by her arm, and slammed the car door.

 "Where are we?" Annabelle asked, rubbing her now bruised arm.

 The man didn't answer, he just grabbed his shovel and began digging, "dig." he instructed. Annabelle started to dig.

 After an hour of digging, Annabelle's arms grew tired, and she soon gave up, "I said dig." the man said. Once again Annabelle started digging.

 Annabelle began to question what was going on, she was certainly not at ballet practice. Annabelle thought as she dug, trying to figure out what was going on.

 Annabelle gasped quietly, "I never called my mother."

 "What did you say?" The man grunted.

 "O-oh n-nothing. I didn't say anything." Annabelle replied, forcing a smile.

 Annabelle started to get scared, it was dark and the man still commanded her to dig. Annabelle worked, and worked, and worked. By morning she was about ready to collapse from exhaustion.

 Suddenly the man stopped digging, wiping his sweaty brow with one hand, and pointing in the hole with another.

 Annabelle thought he wanted her to look, so instinctively, she looked into the hole. While Annabelle was looking in the hole, looking for whatever the man wanted her to see, the man set down his shovel and crept behind Annabelle. Annabelle shivered as the sunlight was replaced with shadow. Annabelle turned around, a look of terror spread across her face.

 "Heheheh." The man laughed.

 "W-what are you doing?" Annabelle asked.

 The man didn't respond, he just took a step closer, and pushed Annabelle into the deep, 20 foot hole.

 Annabelle screamed in pain when she hit the dirt.

 "Dug your own grave." The man said, then walked away.

                                                                              THE END

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