My two idiots friends l Teen wolf Fan fiction

Kate Parker is best friends with Stiles and Scott, they been it their whole life. Stiles and Scott decide the wanna find a dead body, and they do it.
Do they find they body, or not?
A new girl starts on Beacon Hills school, Allison Argent, her family has a secret, they're hunters but not normal hunters, no they are werewolf hunters.
Their normal teenager lives are not so normal anymore, they gonna go on an adventure, a lot more danger.


2. Chapter 2 - Scott and I got bitten!

As Scott and I were walking home, we heard a sound, we both looked around to see if there was something, but we didn't see anything. We continued walking, but in some way, I fell like something was following us "Scott, I think someone is with us?" I said and looked around again, something big and black was standing over behind a tree, I pushed Scott a little to get him see it, he also recognized the big body over there "Run" I screamed, we ran as fast as we could, but the thing was right behind us, what is that thing! As I was wondering, I saw Scott fall, so I helped him on his feet again "Come on Scott, we can do it" I screamed at him, he nodded and took his asthma spray and took some, damn it why should he have asthma? I took his hand in mine and ruined as fast I could, but then I fell, what is going on it's like none of us can run today.

I tried to come on my feet again, but something heavy holds me down, I looked up and saw.. a GIANT wolf, I cried "Please don't eat me" I screamed at it, the wolf's mount open, and it bit me, I screamed as high I could "Get the hell of me" and then I pushed it off me, but it went over to Scott

"Scott RUN!" and he did, well he tried, but he didn't reach it. As it was done with biting us, it left. I crawled over to Scott "Scott, are you dead?" I said i know it was a stupid question, but I needed to know. I could hear his breath, okay his isn't dead "How stupid is that question?" He asked, I laugh, but stopped cuz it hurt.

We were trying to walk again, we took our arms against us, and helped each other.

We finally got out of the woods, I sight glad "Scott, what was that thing" I asked, he shrugged his shoulders "I really don't know, but it's gone" He said, I nodded, right now I just wanna go home, so I took my phone and called Stiles

"Stiles come and get us, we are out of the woods"

"On my way" He responds.

Stiles came and got us home, and now I'm standing outside my house, what would me mother not say? I checked the time 1.30 in the night, oh my god, and I has a test tomorrow, or actually I got a test today.

I opened the door and walked inside, I saw my mom was on the couch sleeping, maybe she was worried about me, but I shouldn't wake her up, so I went to my bedroom and then I just went to sleep.

I woke up, I looked at the time 9.30, What! I sat the alarm yesterday. I jump outta bed and took some cloth and did all my things I have to do.

I walked down the hallway, trying to not stress too much, I stopped when I saw number 32 classroom, where I needed to be at 8.00, I've only slept over, because of Stiles and Scott! And the bite from yesterday still hurt, but I got a bandage on. I was in front of the door, I knocked on it, the door opened and my teacher opened the door

"Why are you late?" He asked with a serious look on his face "I slept over, I'm sorry" I apologized, he nodded and showed me inside, I walked over to my seat. I looked over to Scott and Stiles seats, they were here, I looked with a concerned look on Scott and mimed "Are you okay?" He nodded, then I sat down and began my test.

Ring bell rang and everyone stood up. I took my things down and stood up like the others and went out with Scott and Stiles with me

"What happened to you two last night?" Stiles asked i looked Scott "We were under attack," I responded, he stopped and made jalouse face "You were under attack, Without me?" He asked, why would he be under attack, and get bit by a giant wolf-thing? Sometimes really don't understand him

"If you knew what we were thought, you wouldn't be there," Scott said and made a dumb face to Stiles

"Yea I would, you two are my best friends, and best friend does everything together," he said, he is so stupid "Stiles for god sake, we were bitten by a giant wolf-thing" I said with a strange look, I actually don't know what that thing was, but there was some wolf in it. He looked completely shocked, I should probably not have said it, but he should know.

"Now you know," I said and walked away, I will never go into the woods again not even if I got a million dollars.

I heard steps behind me, so I turned around and saw idiot 1 and idiot 2

"what?" I asked "We should go again," Stiles said, what!

"Are you crazy Stiles! The thing is probably still out there, you two are welcome to go out there, but I'm NOT going" I said really mad, why wouldn't he not understand, that it's dangerous out there?

"Come on Kate, it's not that bad" Stiles Said while he was driving, they got this way, the can make me do the thing, I don't even know how they do it? "Are you serious right now? Stiles, it will probably get back, and this time, EAT us!" I said upset, and that's how it continued all the way down to the wood again.

We got there and they jumped out, I didn't because I'm smart enough to stay here and to be killed. They both discovered that I wasn't out, so they got back and opened the door where I was sitting "Come on guys, just leave me here please" I said "Nope, come on your chicken" Stiles said, well he wasn't the one who got bitten, it was Scott and i, but why would Scott go?

"Fine" I resignedly.

We walked in the woods, again. I didn't really wanna come, but they should have me with then, i think it's only because, if the wolf comes back, it will eat me first.

To be continued...

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