My two idiots friends l Teen wolf Fan fiction

Kate Parker is best friends with Stiles and Scott, they been it their whole life. Stiles and Scott decide the wanna find a dead body, and they do it.
Do they find they body, or not?
A new girl starts on Beacon Hills school, Allison Argent, her family has a secret, they're hunters but not normal hunters, no they are werewolf hunters.
Their normal teenager lives are not so normal anymore, they gonna go on an adventure, a lot more danger.


1. Chapter 1 - A dead body?

In California, there is a small town named Beacon Hills and it is my home, I have lived there all my life, and out with my name, Kate Parker is the name I am 16 years old. I got two idiots friends Stiles and Scott, yeah we are like unseparated, it always been that way.

"Kate, come down here" Kate jumped out of her bed, and down to her mother, she saw Stiles and Scott stand outside the door, this isn't ending well.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I asked the to, they looked at each other and then on me, yep this is really not ending well. They both opened up their mount "We're going to the wood, I heard my dad speak with his partners, Kate, they found a body, and we're going there." Stiles said I looked dumb at them, are they serious thinking I would go with them? Oh hell to the no.

"Hell no, im not going with you two" I respond them, how could they even think off, going out for a dead body? How did I even get friends like them?

In some way, they got me with them, and now I am sitting in the back of Stiles jeep. I was pretty irritable that they should have me with them, and they know I have a test tomorrow, which I need to read on, why me?

"Oh come on Kate, aren't you not curious about this, dead body thing?" Stiles asked me, I looked stupid at him "No, you guys know I got a test tomorrow" I snapped, he took his hand up in defends "And Stiles, I got lacrosse practice tomorrow" Scott said, why is he saying that? He hasn't played the whole year, all he does is sitting on the bench. "Yeah, because it needs practices to sit on the bench and look at the others playing, I see that" Stiles said sarcastic, Scott push him friendly "I'm serious Stiles, I need to be more on the field" Scott complained "Are we there yet?" I asked Stiles nodded.

We were wandered in the forest searching for the body, we haven't seen it yet, and the darkness doesn't help. We turned out lights on, in our phones. I sighed deep "There is nothing here, Stiles," I said grumpy, he just rolled his eyes "Come on Kate, there must be something" Yea, what about no? Why didn't I just go home? I heard a low howl in the bushes, I looked over where the sound came from. It stopped moving, I walked over there and tried to touch, but a hand landed on mine, I looked on the person, it was Scott, he had a curious look on his face "Kate what are you doing?" He asked I looked on the bush "I heard something, but never mind" I said and went back looking for the body.

20 minute went, I heard sirens become louder "Guys, someone is coming!" I said, they both stopped and tried listening to the sound "Okay, we should run" Stiles said, well damn great idea. We ran as fast as we could, but Scott fell, we tried to take him with us, but the cops were already here, Stiles pushed me behind a large tree, and stood like he was doing nothing, I always liked the way he acts around these serious things, all casual. The cops were here, two of them grabbed Stiles, but a male voice stopped them "Wait, that belongs to me" Stiles father said, The sheriff

"Stiles, what the hell are you doing here?" The sheriff asked Stiles "Nothing, Just taking a walk...walking a walk." stiles said. Walking a walk, serious Stiles?

"Stiles, go home," Sheriff said, I looked over to Scott, he heard it too, well Stiles couldn't leave us, we are in a damn creepy forest! Stiles looked behind, and walked away, he took his phone up and texted me

Hey, u remember where my jeep is?

Of course, I didn't remember that, we has been out here forever, I forgot it.

No, your dumb ass, do u know?... You know what? Forget it, Scott and I are going to walk :) Scott needs the exercise anyway.

I wrote back, he does need it cuz if he wanna play on the Lacross team, he need some muscles too, and condition.

After the cops were gone I walked over to Scott "Looks like we're gonna walk home, Scotty" I said, he moaned, well someone has to bite the sour apple, and in me and Scott case, it was us who got the apple.

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