I was never sure about unconditional love when you're a teenager, not for someone that isn't a family member or close friend, but I got proved wrong. Apparently you can have unconditional love for someone who you've only known for a month, the kind of love that won't fade through anything, even if you want it to.


1. One

When my mom and my aunt suggested a vacation for the whole summer I had some tropical climate with a beach and a pool and boys in mind, like every year. But apparently they had a Tennessee ranch vacation in mind and I'm not thrilled about it seeing as we live in Mississippi. 

"But why?" I complain, still annoyed an hour after they've told me. 

"Because we have nothing we have to do all summer so we thought we'd go away for the whole two months!" my mom says, moving my head off the kitchen table and setting dinner down. "We thought you'd be happy!"

"Why can't we spend two months in Barbados?" I ask.

"Because we spent a week in Barbados last year and we were sick of it by the end of that." my Aunt Natalie. "And we go somewhere like that every year! We wanted something different. These ranch getaways are meant to be really nice, you can ride horses, it's out in the countryside, we'll stay in a little cabin."

I'm looking at her horrified. "For two months?"

"We live in the city, we work hard!" Natalie says. "To go away to the quiet countryside for two months and not have to do anything is a dream come true."

"Whatever." I mutter.

Out of the corner of my eye I see them both exchange a glance and I feel a pang of guilt. I don't really like having an attitude but since I got to about sixteen I just couldn't help it. I guess it's hormones or something. I live with the two of them. My dad died in a car crash when I was nine and that was around the time Natalie got a divorce from my uncle James so they decided that the three of us should just live together.

It wasn't really a good time at all, everybody was just really sad and although of course I was devastated about my dad I think they were more sad because they understood more. It was such a negative time that I try to lose my attitude because I know I should be thankful that things are better now but it's easier said than done. 

So I promise to myself that even though I'm less than thrilled about the choice of vacation this year, I'm going to try and be quiet about it because they do deserve better than a bratty teenager. I'm just praying I'll find something to do for two months in the middle of nowhere.

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