Butterflies are meant to leave

We are always meant to leave even if it isn't for the best.
We all have some craziness in our life's but when it's too much where do we go for Haven she goes somewhere real special a place where she can escape reality after all butterflies are meant to fly away


2. What do I say now

                                                                           "Perhaps the butterfly is proof

                                                           That you can go through a great deal of  darkness

                                                                               Yet  become something 





                                              It all started when I was five  I discovered the truth about life. I was simply coloring butterflies to hang on my wall. When my mother came in and told me she was gonna give me something to feel good and then she handed me a brownie. This wasn't any ordinary  brownie this brownie was made with  a special ingredient. What is this ingredient you ask most people would think my mother said love but she told me  this was something known as weed. You see my mother is a druggie and she thought it would be fun to get her little 5 year old addicted to drugs . When my dad came home and found out he beat me not her he beat me telling me how worthless I was and how I was a Slut and a Cunt and kicked me in the ribs repeatedly and then he chocked me until i passed out. That night I lost my innocence to my father not by choice.

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