Butterflies are meant to leave

We are always meant to leave even if it isn't for the best.
We all have some craziness in our life's but when it's too much where do we go for Haven she goes somewhere real special a place where she can escape reality after all butterflies are meant to fly away


1. Starting off

    Where do I start.....

                         Butterflies can't see their  wings , 

                    They can't see how truely beautiful they are

                                but everyone else can.

                              People are like that as well ..

 My name is Haven 

Age: 17

Eye color: Bright blue

Hair color: Brown 

Height: 5 foot 2 inches

Theme song: Invisible by 5sos 

Weight: 97 pounds (I am fat)

Friends: Azza 

Family: None: My "mom" was a druggie who left me with my abusive "dad"

I am an orphan with deadbeat parents who never wanted me and here  is my life story 

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