Butterflies are meant to leave

We are always meant to leave even if it isn't for the best.
We all have some craziness in our life's but when it's too much where do we go for Haven she goes somewhere real special a place where she can escape reality after all butterflies are meant to fly away


4. Back to Where I left off

                                                                       "Though the beauty may be in the butterfly

                                                                 The struggle and the growth occur in the cocoon"...





I never choose this life it was chosen for me . Its a long way down to the very end of life. I deserve to die though no one ever loved me. This is a daily thought in my head as I pick up the blade and slice my legs. Its funny how you think people care one day and then they are gone the next like nothing ever happened . They just leave like a whisper of smoke. Maybe I'll leave this world tonight or maybe I'll just make myself suffer more because i deserve this I deserve everything that happens to me, because I am a mistake.

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