*based off of the movie " last hours in suburbia"*

Pairings: none. Just Muke friendship.

When Luke is accused of playing a role in a deadly accident, his best friend reaches out from beyond the grave to unveil the truth behind what happened.


Teenager Luke Hemmings has no memory of the car accident that ended his best friend Michaels life and earned him a jail sentence. On his last day of freedom, Luke is determined to jog his memory, relive the night and prove his innocence. What he doesn't expect is that Michael himself will be coming along for the ride.


1. The list

It's been four months. Four months since the accident, four months of living without his best friend, four months living like everything was just a blur. It was all pointless and useless without Michael. Luke found no reasoning in enjoying life anymore.

Why bother? He goes to jail this about time tomorrow anyways. It also wasn't fair how he got to live , and suffer alone, when he killed his best friend.

Well; he thinks he may have killed his best friend. He just doesn't remember it; at all. He doesn't remember the night of the accident but the way the police found the car and the placement of him and Michael, suggested it was his fault. That he, in fact, killed Michael. 

Since the accident, Luke has been trying to manage his time well. To give his time, and remaining free life, purpose. So; he would make lists and get shit done. 

With today being his last day of freedom, he wrote up a simple and 'important' list. 

And since he could barely sleep, he wrote a good one for the first thing to do.

•see the sunrise. 

Slowly pulling back the covers, Luke slipped out of his bed. The room was dark, but with dawn approaching, a faint blue glow lit up the room just enough for him to move around and get ready. 

Finding no point to style his hair, he just Ruffled his fingers through the mess to tame it some. He pulled on an over sized hoodie, one that actually used to belong to Michael. It even still smelled like him.

He pulled on his loosest fitting skinny jeans, a cute studded belt , and some comfortable dark combat boots. After brushing teeth he trudged to his window, seeing the sky a lighter shade of blue. 

He threw the window open and crawled out onto his roof top. With a small sigh he sat down and hugged his knees to his chest. He rested his chin on top of them and stared up at the sky that was soon spilling with the beautiful colors of dawn. 

Luke weakly smiled, hugging his knees tighter. He could feel the crisp cold air around him, even through his hoodie. He assumed, today, would be the last time in a long time he would be able to watch the beautiful sunrise. 

After the beautiful colors faded to a light but dull gray, the typical color of a winter sky in his town, he slowly got up and went back inside. 

He went to his dresser and looked down at the list he had made for the day. He ran his finger tips across the paper before lifting his gaze to look toward the door. His gaze then dropped to the floor, noticing papers laying there, obviously slipped in through the crack from the other side.

Shaking his head, Luke sighed again but this one wasn't one of content, unlike the one from earlier. He moved away from the desk and approached the papers. He bent over grabbing the first pamphlet, frowning. "Mother.." He said with a grown as his eyes scanned over the words, ' coping with grief.' 

Luke looked down at the others, seeing that they all had to do with depression, grief and suicidal teens. Rolling his eyes he dropped the pamphlet back onto the ground and turned to do number two on the list.

•clean closet.

It was a needed  accessory for number three on the list. 

•donate clothes, all of it. 

After Luke opened his door to his closet, he groaned again. How could he have been so messy? He dropped to his knees and started to sort through everything. 

Not being in the mood to speak to anyone, not even his mother, he ignored the sound of knocking coming from his door. He bit his lip, playing with the ring with his tongue. 

"Luke, sweetie?" His mothers muffled voice called. Again, he didn't feel like responding. The knocking started to get harder and louder till the door burst opened with his mouth rushing in, "LUKE?!?" 

Luke slowly rose his his feet and peeked out from behind his closet door, making his mother squeak with a small Yelp. Her hand flew to her chest as she stared at him in surprise, also a bit startled. "What?" He finally said. 

She crossed her arms, seeming like she wanted to be angry but was trying to control herself. She frowned, looking him up and down, "don't do that to me, okay?.. Not today.." She said the last two words softly. 

Luke moved around her to walk to his desk. He sat down and looked at his list, grabbing a pen. 

"So, I was thinking of making you something special for breakfast." Mrs Hemmings said, still watching her son closely.

Without answering right away, Luke clicked open the pen and crossed out the first two things on the list. He eyed the next thing, since his mom was talking about it. 


"Would you like that? Anything you want. Chocolate chip pancakes.." It's been hard on Liz, seeing her son so torn up about the accident and death of his best friend. She was close to him before everything, but now it was like he was just a shell of who he used to be.

Not wanting to be around his mother currently, he shook his head and looked up. He pointed at another thing on his list, 

•coffee w/ friends. 

"No, no thanks. I'm, um, going to go meet up with friends.." His gaze lowered to the next few things on the list, 

•return necklace
•Say goodbye to Mikey 

Frowning, Luke looked back up at his mother who seemed to be staring at him sympathetically. He noticed his mothers eyes glossing from threat of tears, so he quickly looked away and down at the desk. 

"That's good.." She said softly, almost like she was afraid if she spoke any louder it would break her son. "That's about a million times better then any pancakes.."

Luke sighed again, pulling open the top drawer of his desk. He stared at the beautiful silver necklace that belonged to Michael. he doesn't remember why he had it, since Michael was wearing it days before the accident, but the police found it in his hand in the car after the accident. Sadly, It was broken, but still beautiful.

Liz turned and walked to the door, "don't forget we have lunch with Grammy..she really wants to see you.. Before you go-go away.."

Luke pulled his gaze away from the necklace in his hand to look at his mom again, almost leaving his room. "Yeah, mom, I know..ill be back in time." He bent over grabbing his backpack, shoving the necklace into his hoodie pocket.

He followed his mom out his bedroom door, down the hall, and to the front door. He pulled on his bag and smiled weakly at his mom as she opened the door and stared at him as if she wasn't going to se him again, "mom, I'll be back. I promise.." 

Once Luke got to the sidewalk he pulled out his phone and called one of his friends, "uh, hey Alex. I know it's early but I just wanted to make sure that everybody was still getting together for coffee this morning. So.. Just call me back.. Or I.. Guess I'll just see you later..? Okay. Bye.." He hung up with a frown, pushing the phone into his pants back pocket.

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