"I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF" That is the last thing i heard from the mouth of Victoria, my best friend. My heart felt as if it stopped. That one phone call changed my whole life for the past 3 years.


1. Flash Back

3 years ago

  Jaime's P.O.V

           " Mom, im going to go upstairs" my mother nodded her head and continue her ' important' business call. I swear she never has time for me. I trudge all the way to my room. The teal colored wall bringing me comfort from the plain white downstairs that never has been painted thanks to my busy mother.

After changing i realize i haven't hear from Tori in a day. We've been best friends since 2nd grade, we are inseparable. It is very unlikely for us to even go a few hours without talking to each other. I pick up my phone and click her number. The picture i saved of her taking up the whole screen.

Her dark green eyes surrounded by brown hair slowly faded as the phone turned black from ringing for so long. I heard the phone pick up but all i heard was shaky breathing from the other side. " Vic? Whats wrong" my voice was laced with worry, " Jaime...." she trailed off before letting out a shaky cry, " Jaime i can't do this no more" my body sat up in bed.

" Victoria, what do you mean?" i was beginning to grow scared. " I love you so much. I couldn't have asked for a better best friend than you; but Jaime i can't go on like this, living my life in fear." I cut her off " Victoria I'm coming to get you, please don't do anything stupid" i go to put my shoes on.

I heard what sounded like a whisper until a scream, " I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF" my heart stopped and i couldn't move. " VICTORIA NO!" I yell shoving shoes on. " I love you" she whispers before the phone ended. 

         Flash back over

That day will forever by etched into my mind. So here i sit in my apartment staring at her picture. That night plays over in my mind like a broken record. But what i haven't figured out was................what was that whisper.

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