A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


24. Troubled friendships

2 weeks later


“Yeah.” I say in my blanket with my tissues, chocolate, and titanic playing on my tv.

“Audrey... Hayley will not move, can I slap her?”

“No Lizzie do not slap the girl with the broken heart!” She yelled back as she ran upstairs.

Once Audrey was up the stairs she jumped in bed. I handed her some chocolate and continued the movie with my friend by my side as Rose and Jack’s relationship grew stronger and mine was so far away.

“Audrey.. I can’t watch its to much.”

Do you want to talk about it?”


“Well first of all we haven’t talked in a couple of days and the last thing he texted me was Hi and I texted back and then he had to leave for the studio.” I start while grabbing a tissue.

“I am so used to talking to him and seeing his face and the only time I see it now is on instagram or twitter.”

“Are you stalking his pictures?” Lizzie questions

“No...” I say sniffling and looking away.

“I think I just solved your problem babe..” Lizzie said while pressing her phone with  smile a loud beep was fired back a minute later.

Then I feel a vibration coming from my phone. I then see that it is a facetime call from the boy that I had just been crying about. A smile instantly came on my face as I connected the call.



We both yelled.

“I wish I could hug you right now.” He said

“Wow Luke its been 2 weeks and you are already getting mushy without her.” Mikey said.

Luke rolled his eyes as he walked away from the laughter of his friends and locked himself in what I think is his room.

“Well Luke when they invent phones like that I will take you up on that virtual hug.” I say with a smile.

“I miss you so much!” he said as he got situated on his bed.

“I miss you to.. wait aren’t you supposed to be you know writing a song..” I say with a laugh.

“I actually was doing that before Lizzie texted me and told me that you wanted to talk to me.”

“Did she say anything else?” I question

“Maybe.. maybe not.”

“Luke.. tell me.” I whine hoping she didn’t say anything about the crying and watching titanic kind of thing that just happened.

“No she didn’t say anything else... and aren’t you supposed to be in school?” He questions

“Nope I convinced my mom for me to have online classes.” I say as Audrey pops her head in the camera.

“Who is that?” He laughs as we all burst into laughter.

“This is Audrey.” I say while hugging her.

“Hey bitch don’t forget me!” Lizzie yelled pushing my face out of the way.

“And Lizzie..” He laughs.

“Wait where did you go?” He questions as I drop my phone on the ground so all he could see was us jumping and punching each other.

“Sorry babe can’t hear you, with my friends.” Lizzie yells in a very girlie high pitch sound.

“Is that how I sound because if so then I will stop talking forever.” I laugh.

“Babe I have to go.. I will text you later!” I yell before sliding to the ground to turn off facetime.

20 minutes went by and we were over the whole messing with Luke things.. that’s what I thought at least until they stole my phone and ran down the stairs with it.

They immediately locked themselves in a room and I could hear them laughing and I could only feel the worst was about to happen.

“Oh shit.. why did you say that.”

“Idk but hopefully nothing bad happens.”

They run out of the room and threw my phone at me. I immediately went in the room they were previously in.(Which was the guest bedroom)


                    Lukey <3

Hey Hayley<3

                    Hey Luke!

So I was wondering if you

would be cool with visiting

me to hear the new songs.

                    Umm I don’t think I can...

Why not.. if its money then

we can pay for it.

                    I just don’t want to.. i am doing

                    perfectly fine without you....

What! fine then don’t even

bother calling or texting me



I immediately call Luke and it goes straight to voicemail. I run out of the room.


“Hayley please don’t be mad...” Audrey said innocently.

“Who typed it.. who did this.” Audrey immediately pointed at Lizzie and ran out of the room.

“It was just a joke calm the fuck down.”

“How can I calm down when my boyfriend who is in a different country won’t even answer my fucking calls!”
“He will call sooner or later..”

“You know you could be such a bitch sometimes! why the hell would you even do that!”
“I did that because you were always whining how you missed him and I wanted to have a fun time with my friend and I ended up having my friend crying in her fucking bed and talking about her boyfriend that is 1 fucking phone call away!”

“So you started a fight and maybe ending our relationship over a fucking girls day! are you serious!”                                                       


She then storms out the door taking Audrey with her.

I unlock my phone hoping he would answer but it went straight to voicemail.

My eyes swelled up with tears as I collapsed to the ground in misery.




Why would you say that to Luke?



“They all hate me.” I cry out

Why are you even trying anymore... the people stopping  you from hurting yourself don’t care and they probably want you to kill yourself so what's stopping you.tMy mind tells me.

I didn’t technically promise and they don’t want me here anymore. I tell myself as I drag me helpless body off of the floor. I stumble my way towards the bathroom. I grab the hidden blade that was behind a shit ton of band aid boxes. I look at myself in the mirror seeing dried tears and misery in my eyes.

“i tried Ash.. I tried..” I whisper as I bring the blade towards my soft pale skin.

After cutting my skin and tears flow down my eyes I ended up on the floor with my arm out and my knees to my chest.

Hours later

It is now 12 am and I have just woken up from the same spot I have been in for hours.

I grab my phone to see messages from Lizzie pop up. I put down the phones leaving them unopened. I grab the counter trying to get up from the bathroom but right as I started to get up I fell back down while hitting my head on the counter. I guess I was to weak to do anything so I ended up sleeping in the bathroom .

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