A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


19. Tournament day and accidents

I wake up at 9:30 and immediately get dressed. I wear my black crop top, Black leggings, my red and black flannel around my waist, and my winged eyeliner. Once I was ready I headed down stairs to see Mikey and Cal dancing to the weirdest song. I walk up to Luke and grab a muffin that we had bought a couple nights ago.

“I am gonna beat you in this competition so fast.” I say jokingly

“Oh really well I guess we'll see about that one.” he said while getting closer and closer to my face.

I quickly peck him on the lips and go in the room to see my team mates.

2 Hours later

They are all here and the tournament is about to start.

“Okay so me and Zayn will go first.” I say closing my eyes and grabbing a name of the song.

“What is it?” Zayn said kind of nervous

“YES its problem!” I squeal and look at Ashton.

The music then begins to play and I could tell that Zayn didn’t practice this song because he messed up on the first one. I was getting perfects and soon enough he was to until it got to the iggy azalea part I was acing it and soon enough the song was over and I was declared the winner. Since I was the winner I was up again. (You can only be up for 2 songs in a row) I was then paired with Harry. He picked a paper and it had the song Me and My Broken Heart (a couple’s dance)  I shrugged and got in position to start the dance. Once the dancing started we were really good dancers or at least at this game. It then came to the part where they get really close and its kind of awkward because Harry is like just a friend to me. Then the song came to a close and Harry won by a few points.  

“Now you wish you were on my team.” Harry said with a wink.

I rolled my eyes as Cal stepped up to the tv and he was facing Ally. I laughed at the fact they got the song summer and let’s just say there was a lot of shaking. A couple of hours pass and its down to the last song. Luke had not gone yet so he had to do the last song and I decided to face him.

“I get to pick the song.”

I scroll through until I get to She Looks So perfect.
“Really..” He says

“Lucas you better try.” I say sternly but we both laughed right afterwards.

The music then starts. I knew this dance by heart. I could do this with my eyes closed. I looked at the score and I was beating him by a lot but he caught up.

“COME ON HAYLEY!” Mikey shouted at the top of his lungs.

I start laughing and I look at Luke who seemed to know this dance pretty well considering he was looking at me with a smirk while still getting perfects. I look at him and close my eyes getting perfects non stop.

“Are you closing your eyes?” Luke questioned

“Hayley open your damn eyes!” Mikey shouted  

“I got this Mikey just shut up!”


“For the counts stupid I kind of need them.”


Once the song was over we looked at the score and I won by 5 points.

“HAYLEY YOU DID IT!” Mikey shouted as they all crowded me with hugs.

“Okay..guys...can’t...breathe.” I say between breaths.

Once they all let go I went up to Luke holding my hand out for a shake but instead he pulled me into a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I laughed.

“Lucas...there are people here.” I laugh

“I don’t care.” He mumbled in my hair.

I pull away from Luke and head to the kitchen to grab water for everyone. Once I got all the bottles I head back out to the main area. I then hear my phones text ringer go off. I look at it to see. I got a text from an unknown number. I look and see it said 7 DAYS.

“Really Mikey..”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Well i didn’t even watch the clip, and you're the only one of us who didn’t watch that movie.”


We all laugh and then Ashton gets a call and goes in the kitchen.

“Hello?” Ashton mutters

“Hayley can you make us some pizza?” Michael begs.


“Thanks babe.” Luke says kissing my cheek before I got up.

I walk in the kitchen to see Ashton nodding and saying okay and yeah that sounds great a couple of times and instantly knew it was a business call. I look at Ash and see him looking back at me and I gesture him to move but he just laughs.

“Ash move.”




I then go up to Ashton and try pushing his body away from the freezer but it was a fail.

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin..move away from the refrigerator!”

He laughs once again and moves slightly,but it works out for me because I can open the freezer. Once I got the pizza and a pan out I felt arms around me. I quickly turn around and see those beautiful ocean blue eyes right in front of me. A smile casted on my face.

“Luke don’t distract her she is cooking!” Mikey yelled.

“I’m not.” he yelled back with our eyes still locked.

“Well she’s distracted alright.” Calum said yanking him away from me.

“Come on Cal!” I say turning around putting the pizza in the oven.

I then feel hands around me again. I look down and see they were Calum’s. I jumped and burned myself while putting in the pizza. I look at calum and i could feel the salty tears about to rush out of my eyes as I quickly go to the sink.

“I am so sorry Hayley.” Cal muttered quickly as he went to go get Luke

My whole hand was beat red and burning like I was on fire.

“You burnt my girlfriend!” I could hear Luke yelling as he ran in.

“Hey..Hayley look at me.”

I nod while biting my lip trying not to have the tears roll down my cheek but I failed. While my hand is still under the freezing water Luke pulls me into a hug. I then turn off the water (with my hand still burning.) and I grab an ice pack.

“So is the pizza done?”

I was silent and Luke looked at him and slapped him in the head.

“Hayley I am so sorry..” Cal said once again.

“It was a joke..”

“Well it was a horrible one.” Luke budded in.

“ Its okay Cal.. but can you do the rest of the pizza?”

“Yeah.. I guess.” Cal said heading to the kitchen.

an hour passes and my hand is still burning like crazy.

“Luke I think I need to go to the hospital?”
“Why...is there something wrong?”

“Yes...my hand is still burning and is beat red.”

He studies my hand and then suddenly gets up and picks me up and heads to the car.

“Luke I can still walk..”

“I don’t care.”


Cal then quickly grabs the keys and runs into the garage and gets in the vehicle followed by Luke gently putting me in the back seat right next to him.

“Where are we going.”

“To the hospital...now step on it.”

“Luke its not like i’m in labor or anything.”

“That's different...if you were in labor I would have had Ashton drive.” He laughed.

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