A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


36. Tour starting and Airplane rides

“Guys its almost 4..” I say packing my makeup up and tossing it in the duffle bag.

“You are going to have so much fun Hayley.. don’t forget to send us pictures.” Becca says putting my laptop and chargers on my carry on bag.

“Lizzie do I really need that much clothes.” I laugh seeing her throwing shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. (pretty much all of my clothes)

“And that many heels like really?”

“You never know when you will need some extra clothes.” Lizzie shrugged as Audrey folded and placed them in my suitcase.

“Okay guys its 5..” Becca announces

“Shit.. I have to wake up the guys... help please.” I say walking out the door with Lizzie trailing behind me.

“WAKE THE FUCK UP LOSERS!” Lizzie screams opening the door.

“Well that’s one way to wake them up.” I laugh also hearing giggles from the other girls.

Lizzie then walked over to Cal.

“Lizzie.. don’t.”

“WAKE THE FUCK UP!” Lizzie screamed in his ear before I could stop her.

Cal then suddenly wakes up terrified by the alarming screams.

“What the fuck.” He says tiredly.

I walk over to where Luke and Michael were while Lizzie went and woke up Ashton with her screams.

“Hey Luke its time to go.” I say shaking him. Once he woke up he grabbed his suitcase and went downstairs and same with Calum.

“Mikey wake up!” I say hitting him with a pillow.  I hear him giggle.

“Gordon wake up I can hear your giggles.”

“Don’t make me get Lizzie to wake you up Gordon.”
“Okay.. okay i’m up.” Mikey says as he tumbles out of bed causing us to laugh.

Once all of them had their bags we went downstairs to say our final goodbyes.

I look at the boys checking that we had everything until I hear Lizzie giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“You are all matching.” She bursts out laughing.

“What?” I say laughing.

“You are all wearing converse with black sweatpants, black zip up hoodies, and a beanie.” Audrey says.

“Its too late to change now we have to go!” Mikey says hugging the girls.

“BYE!” we all shout in a group hug.

Once we all got outside I locked the door. I waved to Becca, Audrey, and Lizzie while we all piled our crap into the trunk of the van and went on our way to the airport.

“Who is driving?” I say tiredly.

“I can drive.” Ash offered while getting in the van.

Mikey sat in the front with Ash while I  sat in between Luke and Cal. Once we started driving I drifted to sleep on Luke’s shoulder. Awhile later I felt a slight tap on my body and I just blow it off considering that I hadn’t slept for awhile. I then felt arms around me I open my eyes and we were inside of the airport. I look and see Luke carrying me bridal style towards a bench.

“Hey Lukey.”I say as he sets me on a bench. I rub my eyes as he goes through one of my bags and hands me my passport.

“Here babe.” He says with a smile as we stood up and headed to baggage and security.

Once we passed Security and all of our bags were cleared we went to the starbucks in the airport and grabbed a coffee before sitting in our terminal. Before we left starbucks I am blinded by flashing lights and yelling.

“Are you serious.” I mumble pulling my beanie down partially covering my eyes which failed.


“Can you please stop taking pictures?” I say.

The group only got larger which meant I was pretty much surrounded by fans and paparazzi.

“Hey back off!” I hear a voice say and I feel someone grab me and pick me up.

“Guys I can walk.” I laugh as Luke ran out of the crowd with me over his shoulder.

We then finally got to the terminal and they called our gate number.
We got on the plane and find our seats. I sat next to Luke, and Mikey, Ash, and Cal sat behind us.


The plane ride

“Hey.. Hayley do you have a charger.” Cal says poking me for the millionth time.

“Cal... i’m trying to sleep.”

“I know but I really need a phone charger.” He pleaded

“Fine but please give me it back I don’t feel like buying another one again.” I say grabbing my bag and getting the charger.

“Thank you so much.” he says immediately plugging in his phone.

“mhm.” I mumbled falling asleep again.

Hours later I wake up to the bright lights from the window. I open my eyes and see Luke looking outside the window with a smile. A smile instantly went on my face as I pulled out my camera and took a picture of Luke. He turned towards me.

“Did you just take a picture of me?”
“Maybe I did maybe I didn’t.” I said looking away with a guilty look.

“Hey guys we are on the plane right now!” I hear Michael yelled.

“Mikey..” Ash said hitting the phone.

“And look who it is!” He said pointing the camera towards me.

I wave with a smile and so does Luke as we just stare out the window and the beautiful sky. Minutes later we hear an announcement that we are about to land. Once we landed we headed out of the plane and into the airport. There were fans and paparazzi everywhere. We looked around for a second looking at all the posters and screaming fans.

“That is a lot of people.” I finally said breaking the silence.

“Yeah you are going to be seeing that a lot.” Luke says grabbing my hand and leading me through the people.

“Luke..Luke how’s tour?”

“Luke is hayley on tour with you?”

I look around seeing people surround us. My anxiety rises up and I feel like I can’t breathe. I think Luke got the hint when he saw me frantically looking around.  He stopped us from walking with guards around us.

“Hayley.. are you okay?”

“No.. you’re not I can tell.” He says back wrapping his arm around my waist and walking with me.

When we finally get our luggage we get a taxi and head to our hotel.

“I can’t believe we are in Japan right now.” I say in disbelief.

“Well we are and when we get to the hotel we have to head straight to rehearsals, then a shoot for the Japan section of the tour, then a couple of interviews, and finally we get to go anywhere in Japan the rest of the day then tomorrow we have early rehearsals again, soundcheck, meet and greet, and concert.” Ashton says reading off the list of things.

“Well its a good thing we are here then.” I say getting out of the taxi and into the hotel. Once again we were greeted with terrifying teenage girls screaming and crying.”

Once we checked in we went to our rooms. There was 2 rooms connected so I shared a room with Cal, and mikey, Ash, and Luke shared the other room.

“Why does Calum get to share a room with Hayley?” Luke complains.

“Because we all know that Cal won’t do anything unlike you luke.” Mikey says bringing in the last suitcase.

“So you don’t trust me.” Luke says in disbelief.

“We all don’t trust you luke.” Cal says laughing and unpacking his stuff.

I laugh hearing their fight and I check the time.

“Hayley should I.” Luke says still argueing

“We should all be getting to rehearsals.” I say interrupting him and heading into the hallway.

We all run down the hallway hoping to not be late for rehearsals.



Tour is starting!!! Don't worry I have so much to upload on this story so be ready!

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