A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


5. things can take a turn

2 months later

Me and Luke are still together and the tour is almost over,but there is something that nobody knows. I started cutting. I would cry myself to sleep every night and think of suicide. The hate only got worse and I hate this feeling. I just wanted to leave I want to leave this place, this world but the only thing stopping me is Luke, and the guys.

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing,it was Luke.

“Hey Luke!”
“hey babe.”
“I wanted to ask you something?”

“What is it? Is it bad, please tell me its not bad Luke.”

“It’s not bad.” He said with a laugh.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to go to a party tonight.”

“I don’t know Luke, you know how I am with parties and alcohol.”

“But I’m going.”

“Luke...” I whine

“Plus who do I know that’s going.”

‘Well Hayley I guess you got me there.”


“Well if you really don’t want to go then you don’t have to.”

“Good cause I wasn’t anyway.” I say with a giggle

“Well I am going to let you sleep babe.”

“Alright, have fun at rehearsal.”

“Bye, love you.” he says quickly

“Love you two.” I mutter with a smile as I hang up falling back to sleep.

6 hours later

“Luke should be at the party by now.”

I hop on the couch and start to watch some tv until my twitter blows up. I see a picture of Luke and some girl kissing. Not even a cheek kiss or anything full on kissing. I burst into tears as my mind reminds me of how stupid I am.

Did you really think Luke loved you ?No wonder he chose her she's not a 500 pound ugly pig. YOU ARE! You should die!

I fall to the ground in tears as I walk to my bag and pull out a bottle of pills. I look at my phone and see that Luke texted me


hey babe on my way back

                how could you

What did I do?

                I saw the picture Luke

Noo Hayley its not like


                I guess i'm not worthy of

                 anything in this world.





I walk to the bathroom and grab a blade and cut into my skin seeing the blood drip down. I take out 10 pills and take them one by one. I fall to the ground sobbing. I then hear screaming and knocking on the door. I cried even harder. I then hear the door burst open as Luke runs to me. I have tears streaming down my face, blood rushing out of my arm with an empty bottle in my hand.

“No..Hayley.. oh my god no no!”

He lifts my body off of the floor. I then began to throw up the pills into the toilet.

“Hayley how many pills did you take?”


He looked in the toilet seeing all ten pills in there.


I looked down seeing his eyes all red from his crying.

“I thought I lost you.” I sniffled

“You will never lose me.”

He pulled me into his arms as I rested my head on his shoulder. He then grabbed my arms seeing my scars and fresh wounds. He looks at me and kisses my forehead before grabbing bandage wraps.

“I love you so much Hayley.”

“Please don’t ever do that again.”

I nod as I cried on his shoulder followed by himself crying.

20 minutes later

I then hear voices calling my name.

“Hayley, Luke are you here?”

Me and Luke were both asleep until I felt a sharp pain on my forearm.


I woke up suddenly to feel Ashton hugging me, Michael looking at the empty pill bottle, and Calum looking at our puffy red eyes.

“Hayley don’t tell me you.”

I nod at Michael as Ashton puts his hands on his face. Luke then woke up looking at the guys with my head on his shoulder still.

“It was a rough night.”

Luke then helped me off the ground and lead me to my bed.

“One of us should stay with her.” Michael said softly as I drifted to sleep.

“Well I guess the only person who should would be me cause that would be weird if you guys did.”
“I agree with Luke on that.” Ashton says as the other two walk out of the room.

Luke then walks to the bed and lays beside me.

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