A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


2. The venue

As you pull into a spot you look at the line by the entrance and look at Becca.

“That's a really long line..”

“No Hayley that's the line for the people with tickets already.. that is the line for tickets.”

As you turn your head you see about 200 people in the line.

“We are never getting those tickets.”

You say as you look at Becca with a groan.

“Well I have a little surprise for you.”


Becca starts to walk towards the beginning of the line until you see your friend Jessie on her phone.


“OMG Hayley happy bday girl!”

You say with a half smile.

“Here is your spots guys.. I practically had to beat somebody up persuading them I was with people..”

“Wait Jess why are you even here.. you don’t like this band?”

“Why do you think i’m here girl saving this spot for you!”
“I thought you were at your house.”

“No of course not I was surprising you the whole time.”

She says with a giggle. As you walk in front of Jessie she quickly jumps out of the line.

“I hope you have an amazing time Hayley!”

“I will!”

As the line begins to shift you finally are next. Until a large male walks out with 2 front row tickets.

“We only have two left.”

“Now these go to the first girls who come up here.”


You turn your head to becca shouting to the man.

“My friend.. here.. Hayley.. its her birthday today she is turning 17 please she has been waiting for this moment since they started on youtube.”

She then gives him the puppy eyes.

He sighs and smiles at me.

“By the way happy birthday.”

He tells me as he hands me the two tickets.”

I freeze with girls starting to swarm around me trying to persuade me to give them the second ticket.

“Guys seriously back up.. I don’t even know you guys.”

“Hey get away from my friend seriously!” Becca shouts

“I’m giving it to my friend Becca.”

They all back up and stare as we walk to the venues line.

You smile to Becca hugging her tightly.

“You are the bestest friend I could possibly have you know that right?”

“Of course I know that, I am just so fabulous.”

She giggles as you walk to the VIP line that had about 10 people there.

You walk towards the line taking a deep breath.

“Are you nervous?”

“Becca obviously i’m nervous, I am meeting my favorite band in the whole world.”
“I could see why you’re nervous then.”

You both laugh walking towards a guard observing you tickets.

“Oh so you two are the lucky girls.. how did you get the tickets?”

“My friend Hayley, it’s her birthday so the guy gave us the tickets.”

“Well congrats girls.”

The lady smiled leading us in.

You immediately go to the merch table.

“What should I get?”

“Hayley it’s your bday pick as much as you want it’s on me.”

Becca says as she smiles at your shocked face.

“No Becca  you can’t do that.”

Becca shook her head pulling out $300.

“How did you get that?”

“I robbed a bank.”

She mutters with a smirk.

“No seriously?”

“My parents gave it to me to buy you a bunch of stuff from the concert.”

I smile as we get to the front of the line. You scan the table seeing tons of shirts and muscle tees. You finally point at a sweatshirt with their faces on it and get the muscle shirt with the heart eyed skull as Becca got a black tee with their faces on it. Once you get your shirts you walk to the stadium finding out that you got 2 row. You both shuffled down the stairs noticing you were the only ones there. You both find your seats and sit. You pull out your phone grabbing your earbuds playing 5sos. You put an earbud in your ear as Bacca taps you, saying she was going to get us water. I nod my head as I turn my music up. I then start to sing to amnesia.

I smile getting to the high notes hearing their beautiful voices in the background. (You were an amazing singer) I look around making sure nobody was at the stadium listening to my singing. I check the time seeing that I had 1 hour left. I  belt out in song as it gets to Good Girls. I was air guitaring not giving a hell in the world if anyone saw. I close my eyes holding a note. I  open my eyes seeing a face from a distance. I then realised who it was. It was Ashton Irwin smiling showing his cute dimples. I continue the song persuading to myself that I was seeing things. Until I hear a security guard yell his name as he quickly walks away waving acknowledging that I noticed his appearance. I sit there in awe. I then feel a cold hand touch my arm. You snap your neck towards it to see becca holding a large cup of water.

“Woah didn’t mean to scare you.” She giggles handing me the water.


“Hayley you what?”


“Hayley use your words!”

“I just saw Ashton Irwin watching me sing.” I  say as fast as you can.



You both sit down and go on your phones. Becca then faces you with a camera.


“Okay Hayley since today is your birthday where are we?” She questions

“We are at the 5SOS concert!”

“You guys are going to get a sneak peek she says vlogging to the camera.

“Becca stop vlogging.”

“Hayley how about you sing us a little song?”


She giggles as she turns off the camera.

“Were you really vlogging for youtube?”


You roll your eyes.


1 hour later

During the concert

It starts getting dark as the arena's lights flickered on showing the band Hey Violet. I stand up jamming out singing to lyrics and dancing. Becca videos everything.

“Becca stop videoing the concert and enjoy it!”

After Hey Violet was done a screen appeared showing a count down. It was happening, the thing I have been waiting for.

The countdown went by slowly but soon enough it was at 5,4 then 3,2, and finally 1.

The screen lifts showing a blank stage. You hear screams blaring into your ears.

FInally you see Ashton run on stage towards his drums. he smiles as the crowd cheers and screams his name, while holding signs. Then Calum, and Michael run out. Followed by Luke smiling at the crowd. They laughed at the screams as they started quieting down.

“I guess this place lives up to its name, Luke this place is pretty windy.”

“Yeah Michael maybe that's why they named it that.” He said with a chuckle as Ashton started playing the song She's Kinda Hot. Luke looked into the crowd then I see his beautiful eyes fall upon mine while he sings the chorus with a smile. They continued the show as we all screamed until it got to the song Amnesia. Luke looks at Ashton nodding as they get ready to play but right before Ashton yells something.

“Hey guys I heard something today before the show started.”

they all looked at him weird.

“I heard a girl singing Amnesia and I would like to find her in the crowd guys!”

Becca's neck snapped towards me as my face turns red.

Everyone looks around as Ashton yells.

“Okay she is in the second row wearing a red flannel with her hair in a braid!”
My eyes grow wide as a light shines on me with a security guard pulling me towards the stage.

I walk up the stairs terrified.


Michael walks over to me with his microphone.

“What's your name?”

“Um.. Hayley.”

“So Hayley, Ashton says you can sing, he’s pretty hard to impress, how about you sing for us.”

I look wide eyed seeing the hundreds of people in the crowd.

“Don’t worry Luke will sing with you.” Ashton mutters walking down from his drums handing me a microphone.

I look down seeing Becca videotaping me with a smile as she nods. I wanted to back out but it was to late, the music started as I walked next to Luke. We sang together. I look to my left seeing Calum surprised and smiling. I look back at Luke he had the brightest smile in the world. Once the song came to an end I smiled as luke gave me a hug. He looks at me and says the most amazing thing ever.

“You know, you're a great singer.”


Luke then guides me back down the stairs with a smile continuing the concert. Once the concert was over we sat in our seats waiting for the stadium to become empty. We then walk over to a security guard who then lead us to their lounge room.

“Hayley.. we are going to actually meet them!”

“I know Becca!”

The security guard opens the door to reveal a couch and a few chairs, and a table full of food.

“You girls can sit on the couch.”

“Thanks.” We mutter in synch as we make our way towards the couch. We sit trying to calm our excitement as we hear a door open. We turn to see a sweaty black haired Michael Clifford.

Becca smacks me as I turn my head to see him smiling.

“Umm why are you here Hayley?”

Becca slaps me again in awe because he remembered my name.

“Umm we got VIP tickets so yeah.” I say shakily with a smile.

He smiles brighter walking over to the chair next to us. As he plops on the chair he asks me a question.

“Hayley... Do you have like a youtube channel or something?”

“Umm..No I don’t.” I giggle

“Well you should.” he uttered awkwardly.

“Oh by the way this is my friend Becca.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Mhmm.” Becca hums almost crying.

I turn my head seeing the rest of the guys walk in.

They smile to see me. Ashton gives me a hug.

“Hayley!, it’s nice to see you again.”


“Oh Michael by the way.. Becca has a youtube channel.”


Becca walks over to Michael and whispers something,but I could hear it because she whispers really loud.

“I have secret videos of Hayley singing on there in my vlogs.”

He smiles evilly asking what her youtube channels name is.

“BH Vlogs!”

He hurries to the table grabbing the laptop typing in the channel. He clicks on a video and all I hear is me singing to Check Yes Juliet. I froze.



“Did you video tape me singing?”

She looks at me with a smile.I playfully punch her arm as I roll my eyes.

They all gather around the laptop with smiles watching me sing. Once the video was over they clicked on the only cover I allowed Becca to share to the world and it was me singing and playing my electric guitar to the song Good Girls. They looked shocked hearing me play the guitar while singing.

Bzzz Bzzz

I turn to see Becca holding her phone showing my mom was calling her.

“Hayley, I didn’t know you could play?”

I look at luke’s amazed face as I nod. Becca then answers the phone.


“hey Becca, You guys should be heading home soon okay.”

“Okay what time?”
“About  9:30.”
“Okay! Bye”


Becca hangs up the phone as the guys look at us.

“Becca if we are going to make it home at 9:30 then we have to leave in like 10 minutes.”

“yeah I guess.”

Luke walks over to me handing me a piece of paper. I look at him confused until I look at it. he then gave me a hug which turned into a group hug with the guys. I laugh. It was unbelievable that I got 5sos’s number and they said to hang out with them soon!

“Hayley we have to leave now!”

“Okay.. Okay.”

Ashton put up the call me sign and gave you a wink as I laughed. When I walked out from backstage and into the empty arena it felt strange. It wasn’t lighted at all there, and it was pretty creepy.

“Becca I hate this.”



there was no answer. She was ahead of me but I didn’t know she was that far away.

I then heard an engine and a car drive away.


the car got away and it was pitch black. My phone was running out of battery(Which was your only light) You sat on a bench feeling creeped out by the darkness. I then feel a hand grab my shoulder.


“Woah, Hayley?”


“Why are you here still?”
“Well Becca lost me and happened to leave without me.”

“Why would she do that?”
“She gets scared of the dark.”


“Yeah, so I have no way home.”

“Well we can give you a ride, we were just headed to the hotel.”

I nod my head as he walks me to the van. I climb in seeing Ashton with a confused look. I sat in between Luke and Ashton.


“Hey Ashton.”

“Why are you here?”

“Becca left me alone because she was scared of the dark.”

“Well at least it was Calum and not some creepy guy in a van that kidnapped you.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

The driver went down your street as you told him the directions.

“Just turn this corner and we are here.”

All boys sigh of disappointment as you hug Ashton and Luke goodbye.

“Bye Hayley, see you tomorrow!”


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