A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


4. The Tour Life

3 months later

(Me and Luke are really close and the tour life is the best. The other boys are like my brothers.)

I wake up and climb out of my bunk. I then change into my black tank top, black jeans and leather jacket. Today we were in Paris and I couldn’t wait to see the eiffel tower with these dorks. The boys woke up awhile later and we headed out. I got hate on the tour but it didn’t really get to me until today. When we finally got a taxi I scrolled through my twitter page. I then saw a bunch of hate going on about me and I for some reason took it literal.



Ew I can’t believe our beautiful 5sos boys would let this ugly fat girl onto the tour! @HayleySmith5SOS



I feel like @HayleySmith5SOS only likes them because of their money! Watch out boys you got a fat money pig on the loose!


I look down holding in the tears. We finally got to the Eiffel Tower. We walked up the steps until we got to the top. It was so beautiful,but the best part was when Luke handed me roses and looked me in the eyes and asked me.

“Hayley..Will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?”

“OMG Lucas Hemmings I will!”

He gave me a smile and hugged me.

“I was really hoping you’d say that.”

Afterwards me and Luke went on a boat ride and went to Le Meurice.

We then ended the night under the stars and had our first kiss. It was perfect. Until I looked at my phone seeing my twitter blow up about me and Luke. The fans hated me even more. It sucked having people say how ugly you are and say that you should kill yourself everyday.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- I know this chapter may be stupid but oh well...
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