A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


14. The so called kidnapping

“Becca 3 creepy guys behind us.. heads up.”

We both stop pretending to be on our phones to see if they pass us but they just walk closer and closer towards us.

“Becca we should go in the store like now!”

“Yeah...good idea.”

“We both turn around, about to walk in the store but are stopped by 2 guys in front of us.

“Hey.. umm.. my name is Jaxon..what’s yours?” One of them uttered

We both looked at each other.

“My name is Elena.. and this is my friend Brittany.” I say as she smiles.

“Where are you headed?”

“Umm to our car..”

“Well I guess we will let you guys leave then.”

One of them smiled while the other waved. We quickly ran out of the mall with our bags. It was dark outside and pretty creepy.

“Becca I think I see those guys again.” I whisper in her ear.

She looks at me worried. we were both terrified so I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called Luke.

“Hey Luke.. umm.. I am in the parking lot of the mall.”

“Okay..when are you getting home.”


“Hey they are coming let’s go!!”

Becca shouted at me.


I hold my phone as the boys approach us.

“Brittany..Elena.. hey.” One of them say as he bites his lip.

I look at my phone in my hand as I try to pull it to my ear.

He grabs my arm tightly while the other is doing the same to Becca. I look back at my phone seeing Luke is still on the line.


“Hayley are you okay?”

One of the guys notice the call and then the line goes dead.

“Who were you calling?” Jaxon yelled inches from my face.

I whimper and look at Becca who is getting held by the other guy.

I look at the phone and hear music playing..

“Who is it?” becca whispered


Jaxon looked at the phone and quickly dropped on the ground and waved his hand signaling something.

Was I really getting kidnapped? I look at my phone vibrating over and over again. Our bags were dropped near it.

“Finally.” One of them sighs as bright headlights blind my eyes.

As he pushes me towards the car I hear somebody holding their horn down. At this point me and Becca were in tears. We had given up on fighting. I had given up on hope until I saw 4 boys run out of a car lanes away.

“LUKE! OVER HE..!” I scream before he could cover my mouth with his hand but it was enough for them to hear. They saw the car get closer and closer to where we were. I was really thankful that I called Luke before they kidnapped us. I looked in the corner of my eye seeing the guy holding Becca, open the car door and pushing her in. Me the overprotective friend I am doesn’t realize what I am about to do but I do it anyway. I bite the guys hand as he uncovers my mouth from the pain I elbow him in the stomach and punch him in the face. He gladly ended up on the ground out of shock. I look behind me and see Michael wide eyed.

“How did you do that?”

“They have Becca in the car.. I had to do something.”

“Hayley look out!” He shouts before the other guy punches me in the head. I fall to the ground while Ashton sneaks Becca out of the car.

Wait.” I whisper as I grow to only see black.


“What the heck happened back there?”

“Umm well I really don’t know actually.. I bet she will remember.”

I hear voices talking.. did I pass out?

Wait where am I?

I whip my head up from somebodys lap and see Calum and Becca looking at me with concern.

“ow.” I whimper holding my head from whiplash.

“Where am I?”

“We are taking you home.” Luke cooes as I sit up.

Once we got home Luke carried me into the house and setting me on the couch. Once I was on the couch I sat there in silence.

Hayley you could have died, you could have never been seen again... you shouldn’t trust anyone... Becca could have died because of you!

“Are you okay?” Calum muttered waving his hand in my face. I instantly flinch protecting my face.

“Hayley... I would never.” He began to say. I just sat there in silence with sad eyes just telling myself that everything is my fault. He then sits next to me trying to hug me. Once I felt his hand on my arm I quickly got up breathing heavily.

“Hayley.. are you okay?”

I quickly run to my room in silence. Once I get to my room I lock my door and sit on my bed in silence. I look to see I got a message from my parents, they said they had a business trip to go on for this month and maybe longer. I sat in my room and just cried I was traumatized..so much had happened to me and it scared me but not like this. I feel vulnerable,and weak. I sat in my room in silence for about 4 hours. Everyone was asleep. I am unable to sleep after this experience. I don’t want to talk,walk,eat. I just sat in my room listening to music in my earbuds at 3 in the morning.


The morning

I am still sitting in the same spot since yesterday but now Ashton was trying to open the door.

“Hayley.. open the door please.”

I just stared at the door blankly.

“Hayley I am opening this door with or without your help.”

The door flies open with a large crash. I flinch and close my eyes. I feel the bed dip down as I close my eyes tighter.


“No.” I whisper

“Hayley.. its Ashton.” He said grabbing my hand. My eyes fly open in terror.

“HELP..GET OFF ME HELP!” I cry out. He quickly pulls his hand away from me as I cry into my pillow. I look up and Luke running towards the door in worry.

“I guess I will leave you with her Luke.. maybe you can at least talk to her.” Ashton mumbled with his head down.

he nodded his head walking towards me.

“Hayley.. its me Luke.”

I shut my eyes once again.

“Hayley you have to look at me.”

“I slowly open my eyes to see ocean blue eyes leveled with mine.


“Yeah.. Hayley.”

I wrap my arms around him after acknowledging it was him.

“I am so terrified.” I mumble into his shoulder.

“You're safe with us.. okay.”

I nod my head as Luke grabbed my hand and lead me downstairs to everyone. When we get down there I can see Ashton with his head down.

“Cal.. Its like she didn’t even know who I was.”

“Ash?” I mutter nervously

His head flipped up towards me.I made a small smile as one casted on his face to. He ran over and hugged me.

“Are you gonna talk to us now?”

“yeah.” I say with a smile still on my face.

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