A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


17. The ships and just dance

I wore my blue flannel over my white tank top with black skinny jeans, my white hightops, and Luke’s snapback. Once we were all ready we headed out to gamestop. When we got there the boys put on black sunglasses to try and hide their face but it didn’t do much since we had to run out of the car.

“You know the sunglasses do nothing right?”

“Yeah, but we just wanted to look cool.”

“Mhm Mikey keep telling yourself that.” I laugh

“Well its also pretty obvious when your holding his hand!”

“People know we're dating so it doesn’t matter.”

“I know its just..” Mikey started

“Fine Mikey.”

I grab Mikey’s hand.

“Hey what about me!”

“Fine Cal.”

With my other hand I hold Calum’s.

“OMG I KNEW CAYLEY WAS A THING!” A girl screamed

“NO MAYLEY IS A THING SHE IS HOLDING MICHAEL’S HAND OBVIOUSLY!” I heard another girl scream as they ran up to us.

“Hi my name is Natalie and I ship Cayley so much can I have a picture!”

“Um..yeah sure.” Calum said staring at me.

I looked back at Luke who was clearly shocked at what she had said.

“Oh and can you kiss her cheek in the picture!”

“Umm” I look at Calum

“We do that to all of our fans its not that big of a deal.” He whispers

I nod agreeing as we take a picture. I smile as Cal kisses my cheek. She hugs us and waves goodbye. Then 2 girls come up asking for a Mayley picture.

“Can you kiss his cheek in the picture!”
“I guess so.”

Michael starts to wiggle his eyebrows as I kiss his cheek. He then moves his face making us kiss. I look at Michael and I could tell Luke was about to punch him in the face.

“OMG I KNEW IT!” She screamed running away.

Luke then walked up to Michael with a pretty pissed off face. I get in between both of them stopping Luke from making a scene. He grabs my hand pulling me close and protectively away from Michael.

As I am walking with Luke hand in hand I all of a sudden feel someone pick me up while running. I look down to see Ashton running with me over his shoulder. I could hear Luke yelling at him to put me down.

“Ash put me down!” I yell in laughter

“Never!” he laughed as we entered Gamestop.

“Aww what a cute couple.” A girl says to her friend as Ashton put me down.

He holds my hand as we make our way over to the game.

“Let’s be on a team together for the game..we would dominate!”

“Well you are a team captain so you get to pick who's competing on your team.”

I grab the game and turn around to see Luke walking with the guys as they are all laughing.

Once we are back together and found the game we went to the counter to buy it.

“I got it.” I said digging through my bag

“No I got it.” Luke said with a smile

“No Luke she is my girlfriend i’m paying for it.” Mikey said

“I thought she was mine.” Calum Joked

They were digging through their pockets until I saw Ashton grabbing the bag and getting his change back.

“Here you go Hayley.” He says with his bright smile and cute dimples.

“Thank you!” I say hugging him with a smile.

I take the bag and  we all start to walk out of the store.  Once we are out they are now arguing who is the strongest and who can give me a piggy ride the longest back to the car.

“Hayley please let me do it!”

“No Cal I am not getting on your back!”

“What about me?” Mikey says wiggling his eyebrows

“No! I can walk.”

“What about me?” Luke says with puppy dog eyes

“Nope.” I say with a smile.

I start to go behind Luke as they got farther away I started running and jumped on Luke’s back.

“GO LUKE GO!” I yelled as he started laughing. We raced the guys to the car and we won.

Once we were in the car I sat next to Luke and kissed him on the cheek.

He looked at me and smiled “What was that?”

“That was a sorry kiss for kissing Cal on the cheek.”

“AWWWW” Mikey yelled while shoving his phone in our faces.

“Are you keeking?”


I then punch him in the stomach.

“What was that for.” He said in pain.

“that was for kissing me on the lips!”

“You so deserved that.” Ashton added

We then finally got home we then attempted the game. Well they did at least.

“This is so hard!” Mikey complains

“Not really this is an easier song.”

“I know who’s not going on my team” Ashton mumbled

“Who said you were team captain?” Mikey turned towards him

“Umm Hayley did and you said she picks team captains.”

“Yeah.. Ashton and Harry are team captains.. what's the big deal?”

“I thought you would pick me?” Mikey sighed

“But I wanted to be on a team with you.” Luke and Cal said at the same time.

“Who said you won’t.”

“Now all of you practice while I call everyone.”

“Fine.” They all mumbled

I walk into the kitchen and sit on the counter while I wait for Harry to answer the phone.


“Hey Styles!”

“Hayley, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you and the guys can come over on friday?”
“Okay.. for what?”

“For a Just Dance Tournament!”

“Okay well i’ll ask the lads and i’ll text you back.”

“Okay bye!”


The line then goes dead. I immediately text Ashlyn and Ally to see if they would like to join us considering I was the only girl.

                Ashlyn, Ally

Hey guys its Hayley!! I was wondering if

you would want to come over for a

Just Dance tournament?

                        OMG THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!


Awesome, is Ally with you?

Yea.. she said yes to! when is it?

Friday get ready to dance.

Harry and Ash are the team

Captain's be ready we are getting

teams tomorrow!!




I then get a text from Harry


                        We are in!

Awesome and you are a team captain

so we will pick teams tomorrow.

                        Okay bye



When the call ended I walked back into the living room to see them all dancing to,and singing to it. I immediately turned on keek and started videotaping.


“Nice dancing babe” I laugh

He immediately turns around and looks at me awkwardly. We then practice Just Dance for the rest of the night while Ashton figures out who he wants on his team.

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