A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


11. The hospital visit

I wake up in a white room with an IV in my arm.


I see someone quickly turn around and walk out of the room.

My vision became blurry and i fell back to rest.

I wake up to feel a hand slowly letting go of mine and a door closing.

“Hayley, how many pills did you take before?”
“I have no idea.”

He walked closer to me.

“We need you to think then because we need to know how many you had, to save your life Hayley.”


I was terrified. My mind was blurry of almost everything that happened. I remember skyping Luke, and crying and swallowing the pills.

“Hayley! You can die if we don’t figure this out.”

I flinch. He stopped, realizing that I was terrified. Then the door flew open and Calum storms in.

“What did you do?”


“Hayley.. stop.”

“I need to get an answer.”

“She doesn’t remember so we can figure it out later.”

He then gives up and walks away. Calum looks at me and sits on the bed in front of me.

“Hayley, why did you do that?”
“I..I just couldn’t take it Cal.”

“Take what?”
“Kyle, and now everyone hates me for something I didn’t do!”

“Hayley what are you talking about?”

“Check my twitter.”

he scrolls through the hate and covering his mouth in shock of how people have been treating me.


I grab my phone noticing the tweets from the 5sos fam are saying that they are happy I tried to commit suicide to have them for themselves. I guess all the guys saw it because they all tweeted back to the girls,  Cal then walked out the door giving me some time by myself.



I’m glad @HayleySmith5sos tried to kill herself but she may need to actually try next time LOL

407 Retweets       4 favorites       



That is horrible to say. You don’t know how messed up that is for us to see from our fans. My girlfriend would never hurt me or my mates ever so why are you guys hurting her back?



You know if you guys love us so much then why are you trying to take away someone we all care about.



When I was going through a time like this you guys helped me out.Now that its happening to someone else you encourage it?


I noticed the tweets and thought of replying until Luke walked in.

“Hayley you are not supposed to be on your phone.”

“I know.”

“Give me it.” He said with his hand reaching out.

“Fine.” I sigh handing him my phone.

Ashton then walked in with flowers and a bear that said I LOVE YOU while holding a heart. I laughed as Cal and Michael walked in holding balloons, and Luke gave me a note.

Ashton sat next to me and studied my face.

“Hayley.. what happened to your face?”

“yeah. I noticed a black eye but your mom said that some girl accidentally hit you in the face with her locker.”

“Umm.” I looked around the room.

“Hayley tell us the truth.”

“Fine Kyle pushed me against the lockers causing my busted lip and bruised arm, and one of your fans punched me in the face.”

“Kyle did this!” Calum yelled

I looked down nodding. Then the doctor finally came in.

“Okay Hayley, you are free to go home, and someone will have to keep close watch on you and in school. We could always bring in a person to go to class with you.”
“Wait why don’t we just go with her?” Ashton muttered


“Yeah Hayley its not like were doing anything cool and we could stay in your guest room.”

“I guess I can’t argue with them.” I say with a laugh.

2 hours later

I was headed home with the guys.

“Wait what about fans?”
“We could always bring our body guard.”

Luke then right away called him.

“Good because we need to watch Hayley and you need to watch us.”

Luke then ended the call with a nod.

Once we got home I got ready for bed and went to sleep pretty easily that night. Except the fact once in awhile I would hear Ashton laugh at Michael every time he would push Cal off the bed and then Luke would sternly tell them to shutup.

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