A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


16. The hangover

“Ugh..” I groan holding my head.

I look up to see the clock blinking 10:00

“Well I guess I am not going to school today.” I say softly

As I lift my head off of the pillow I feel a sharp pain in my head. I close my eyes hoping the guys didn’t hear my whimper of sudden pain. I lay my head down on the pillow and try to sleep away the pain,until I suddenly felt my body lift off of the bed. I open my eyes slightly to see Luke carrying me down stairs. My head was pressed against his chest. Once we reached down the stairs he placed me on the couch carefully and sits right next to me.

“Morning Luke.” I say softly opening my eyes more.

“Hey.” he says lightly.

I lay my head on his lap as he plays with my brown blonde hair.

“HEY GUYS!” Michael yells barging in causing my to hold my head in pain.

“Why is it so dark in here?” Cal questions while opening the blinds

“Shut them please.” I say lightly

As Calum was beginning to shut them Michael ran over to him and opened them causing a lot of brightness into me and Luke’s eyes.

Ashton runs in handing me a cup and 2 tylenols and the same with Luke.

“This will help with the hangover.”

“Wait hangover?” I question lifting my head up and taking the pills.

“Yeah you drank a lot yesterday..do you remember anything?”

“Umm.. a lot of its a blur I remember Mikey giving me a bunch of shots(I glare at him) and me taking them...umm....me Ashlyn, and Ally dancing and then nothing else.”

“Wow then you missed a lot of stuff that night then.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Did i do something stupid?”

“If you mean you striping down naked in front of everyone is stupid then yes.” Michael says


“Relax, you didn’t you just drank a lot and there are video's on your phone of what else you did.. you were vlogging or something.”

“Drunk vlogging...wow did I seriously do that,i am turning into Becca.”

I get up and quickly head upstairs to grab my phone. Once I get it I head back downstairs while watching my humiliating videos. They got deleted pretty quickly.

“I can’t believe I danced to Justin Bieber.” I say face palming

“Yeah that was hilarious.” Mikey added

“That doesn’t help Mikey!”

“I didn’t know you could dance though..” Calum said while turning on the tv


“Well.. what?”
“I used to dance but then I kind of gave up on it and just went with singing.” I said shyly

“Hayley!, you should get this and we could have a tournament with a bunch of people!” Cal points while the tv is on a commercial for Just Dance 2015.

“Umm.. okay but you guys have to do it to!”

“Okay.. let’s get it today and play it on Saturday.” Ashton said excitedly.

“Okay!” I run up stairs followed by the boys to get ready and head out.

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