A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


30. The Christmas party

“Hey guys!” we all yell while putting our christmas hats on.

“Hey babe merry Christmas!” Lizzie said running up to Harry and kissing him under the mistletoe we had put above the door.

“Hey.” They all say at the same time.

“Let’s get this party started!” Audrey yells while turning on some dancing music.

No control started playing and the boys laughed as me and Lizzie got up and did the dance while laughing. Harry filmed the whole thing and texted it to someone but none of us knew who.

“Let’s eat!” Lizzie said out of breath as all the guys ran in except Harry.

“Hey.” I mutter once again.

“ You okay?” He questioned

“I guess..I just wish he could be here.” I say disappointingly

“Well trust me he does too.” He says getting up and running to get some food.

We all sat at the table that left 4 extra seats that were for the boys that weren’t coming. Lizzie and Audrey sat next to each other, Audrey sat in between becca and Liam, Louis sat on the other side of Lizzie and Becca sat on one side of me leaving the 4 empty seats near me.

Soon it was turning night and Harry was on the phone in the other room, and the rest of us were getting the gifts ready.

“HARRY!” Lizzie yelled running towards the kitchen.

“Yes princess?” He questions.

“Its time for gifts babe.” She said pulling him and making him sit next to her on the ground.

“OMG thank you so much!” I squeal looking at the new All Time Low beanie that Audrey and Lizzie got me.

“Your welcome girl!”
“Wasn’t that like $40?”

“Yeah.” I say amazed.

Once everyone was done opening presents and we all were happy .

“Hayley you have one more present.” Harry said

“Where is it?” I say confused

“Its outside come on.” He says as I run outside

Outside there was nothing but a rose on the ground. Once I picked it up I felt people push me to the ground

“OW what the fuck.” I yell.

“I told you to hug her not to tackle her!” I hear a heavy Australian accent say.

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