A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


8. The big move

1 Week Later

I grab all of my boxes and load it into my car. (Yes I have a car.) I am driving with Becca. Becca offers to drive since I had no sleep helping her pack the night before.

“Hey Becca are you excited?”

“yeah, but we aren’t going to the same school which sucks.”

“My phones ringing.”

I look at my phone noticing it was face time. I held my phone up seeing the guys. I wave as they put a finger over their lip to signal me to be quiet. I nod my head as the phone gets passed to Cal. He gives me a smile and waves and so do I and then he shows Luke staring out his window with earbuds in.

“So Luke has been doing this for hours.”


“Because he misses you HAYLEY!”

Luke jerks up to face Calum. He punches Calum’s shoulder and then notices the phone and sees my face.

“Hey babe.” I say with a smile.

“Where are you?”

“Headed to LA!”
“Thats awesome.”

“Now he talks”  Ashton shouts.

“babe have you really been sitting there looking out the window the whole time.”
“yeah..I just need to think of you somehow.. like something that reminds me of you when you're not around.”

“Well Luke you think I would leave you guys without giving you a piece of Hayley to have.”


“Look in your suitcase.”

They all grab their suitcases and open the front pocket. Ashton held out a bracelet I made for him that he lost.

“Oh my god Hayley where was this?”

“It was on the side table of the hotel we last stayed at all together.”

Michael got a picture of us together at the beach and a note saying what color?

“Hayley you really want to dye your hair!”

“Only the ends and not such a crazy color.”


Calum then opened his and held a pink stuffed unicorn that he fell in love with when they hung out at my house.

“Wait Luke open the large part of your suitcase.”

He nodded and opened it up to see the penguin build a bear we made together. He smiled hugging it.

“Hayley it smells like you.”

‘Well yeah I sprayed my favorite perfume on it. “

“I love you!”

“Love you to babe, now stop being so isolated and hang out with your friends.”


“Good, now I gotta go, We are stopping to get something to eat.”

We finally got to LA after a very long drive.  We pulled into a driveway revealing a white modern looking house. (We dropped off Becca at her new house before coming to mine)


“Wow is right Hayley.”

I grab my box of valuables and walk inside. I run up the stairs and open a door revealing a Light blue room that was  fully furnished. I was in awe. I looked outside my window seeing the pool

“We have a pool!”
I set my box on my new bed as I run up and down the stairs repeatedly bringing boxes to my room. I then started unpacking. Next thing I knew it was 9:00 at night. I have school tomorrow and I have no idea how its going to be.


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